My Days Before Christmas in San Pedro, Belize

I won’t pretend that my holidays in Belize are all sunny skies and rainbows.

Wait….they are.

I can’t pretend, though, that everything is perfection –  there is some Christmas-stress here too.  Yesterday I traveled to Belize City in a JAM PACKED BOAT for some errands.

And many here work during the holidays – work hard.  The crowds are set to arrive this weekend for one of the busiest tourism weeks of the year.  Here are some pictures from the last two days.  The weather is absolutely glorious and that makes things better.

I’m hoping your holidays are fantastic.  Let me just get into the photos.

My neighbor, Xtan Ha Resort, is working feverishly to finish their outside bar before the weekend.  Early this morning they set up tables and chairs.  Here’s a look yesterday…

As I waited for my water taxi to town.

The view outside the Phoenix Resort.

Kids already on Christmas break here…

And yesterday, the 1130pm to Belize City.  Another pretty pretty day…

I planned to grab a taxi for an hour – and be back for the 3pm water taxi back to San Pedro.

First, CLAY POTS!  There are a strange rarity in Belize and I know of only one spot that sells them in bulk.  An odd and interesting spot called Concession and Bar Supplies.

The display by the front door.

A building near the Municipal Airport, they have a smattering of glassware (most of it is under the owner’s desk), a few supplies for pool tables and a huge collection of clay pots.

He is lovely – and helped me pack up my new planters for the boat ride back.

Then, to pick up MORE breakables!  To The Framing Shop.  This tiny spot does frame work – matting and simple, mostly wooden frames – and they do a FANTASTIC job for a great price.

We had 8 things framed, of varying size, and it was less than $700bzd.  In NYC…one print cost that much to frame.

I particularly love this one we did without matting…came out great.

My taxi driver helped me unload everything at the boat – and for an extra $20bzd, I boarded first with my breakables.

(First choice on seat ALONE was almost worth the extra money…)

Today I’m off to the camp to hang pictures, to bake cookies, to do some gardening AND to work on my new project inspired by Coral Caye – the private island for the Coppola group in Belize and my new obsession.

Yes…THAT Coppola.

Here are my cleaned NEW conch shells that I scored from a local fisherman.  (AFTER I washed off the barnacles, mold, maggots…it wasn’t pretty)

And the photo that recently inspired me – from the collection of pictures on the blog Carrie Bradshaw Lied.  Here is her stay at the Coppola Resorts. 


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