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Belize Scapes Plant Nursery: Beautiful Plants for Your Home & Yard

I love highlighting new businesses.  I especially love highlighting new businesses that are doing new things.  As this town and island grow exponentially and people from all over the world come to visit and live, businesses that may not have worked 10 years ago – like specialty shops and services (a French bakery or Farmers’ Market for example) – are now opening…and thriving.

Enter Thomasita and Belize Scapes.  Just a few years ago, she was raising beautiful plants and selling them on the road side in her spare time, now she has turned a property in the DFC neighborhood into a plant nursery.  And she isn’t just doing trees and shrubs for your yard – but she is smartly targeting the growing number of condo and apartment dwellers on Ambergris Caye.

House plants and potted SUCCULENTS.  Succulents are SO hot right now.  People around the world are eschewing lilies and roses for cacti – even for weddings.

In case you don’t believe me – here are Martha Stewart’s 36 ways to use Succulents at your wedding.

An example – one above and below.

So I was excited to get an email from Thomasita’s daughter inquiring about my website.  I had to stop in…

Here are all my photos of the visit yesterday.   If you are not familiar with the DFC area south of San Pedro town – do not worry.  It’s only 2 turns off the main road – following the sign for Hidden Treasure Restaurant.

Here is the phone number – Thomasita is glad to meet you to show you the way.

The sign you will see from the road.

And the entrance.

Miss Thomasita.

And lots and lots of plants.

Pretty ornamental pineapple plants.

Pebbles is on the mend from a leg injury.  But is happy to escort you around the property.

I got one of these crazy cacti with this huge starfish flower.

This very interesting succulent with thick velvety flowers that almost felt like plastic.

And this beautiful ground orchid – if anyone knows the type, I’d love to know!  I took one home and want to give it the exact right amount of light and water.

A beautiful spot.  Give her a call – stop in and check out the plants.

She can sell you plants, she can come to your home and take care of your plants and yard…she can help.

For those who are beginner gardeners like me or for those who are planting on a sand island in the tropics for the first time, we can use all the help we can get.




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