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Dude…Where’s My Sargasso? The Beach Clears…For Now

Sunday and early Monday morning a strange weather pattern swept parts of the US – snow storms, a blizzard (!!!!), heavy rain and strong winds.  A strange mid-April cold front that reached all the way to Belize.

We are accustomed to colder weather in January and February – a few days here and there of temps dipping in the 60s but APRIL?  Just as temperatures were sky rocketing?   So nutty.  We had a bit of rain (the first water falling from the sky in almost 2 months), crazy strong winds that took down some trees on parts of the island…

A tree at Carlo & Ernie’s Bar

…and a bit of a chill in the air.  I saw kids in jackets and woolen hats on Monday.  And I’m not talking rain jackets – I’m talking WINTER jackets.

Briana’s Deli was PACKED for Monday’s lunch special.  Beef soup.

With coconut rice and a heap of fresh corn tortillas, it’s DELICIOUS.

But the north winds did something awesome.  They blew much of the sargasso that has been plaguing our beaches out to sea.

Not ALL but most…

Looking up the beach to Wayo’s new over the water bar.

And a new sign for a HUGE new resort that is being built south of town.  Royal Kahal Resort.   A large steel building overpowering a beach front lot.

Beautiful evening skies.

And gratuitous cute puppy picture.  Sorry all…he has a home.

And picture yesterday – the sun was out – an absolutely gorgeous day.

The wind has shifted again – and is blowing from the east as of this morning.

All of my fingers are crossed that the sargasso wasn’t just waiting out there…ready to blow back in.

The view in Central Park yesterday.And from Fido’s Bar in town…And yesterday up north…

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