Testing Out of the Newly Graded Roads North and West

Just a few weeks ago, right before Easter, I was shocked to see the road grading machine north of the bridge.

Beyond the paved road (which ends at 3.5 miles north), we have a hard-core, unpaved road that was finalized about 4 years ago.  Using rock and white marl (from the quarry on the island at about 9 miles north) – the road is perfect for golf cart traffic but degrades (holes and pits) with the heavy dump truck traffic that comes down from the quarry.

Add in rain…and a few months ago, residents up north were begging for the grader.  The machine that comes in to basically shave the road back flat.

(I spoke to one of the workers at the quarry and he told me that quarry area, in fact, much of the island, is about 5 feet of limestone rock and underneath, marl.  Beneath that is water.)

The road north was smoothed – not hard packed but smoothed.   And we drove up north a bit to enjoy it.

And the road out to Secret Beach has been smoothed – it was graded about half way out to the west side of the island.  I’m not sure if they are going to complete the job – extend it all the way out to Secret Beach but I also drove out there to enjoy it.

Here are my photos over the last few days.

Starting with the newest bar at Secret Beach – it’s just south of the “main strip”.  Called Blue Bayou.

They have a Grand Opening Party coming up this Sunday.

And just a few hundred feet south…

Belikin’s newest signs that you’ll see at bars…

Blue Bayou Bar BelizeOkay…and now back on the reef side of the island.  We drove from 7 miles north to about 9.5 miles to a super cute little spot called Chat N Chill.

Development is certainly more sparse but there are a few smaller projects.  We passed the entrance Sapphire Beach Resort and just north of it a new development called Oasis Alom.  They have a nice looking fence.

We continued on to Chat N Chill.  On the road, the tree of Lost Soles.

It’s on a huge gorgeous immaculate property.  

Enjoy the smoother roads – it’s the ideal time to take that drive, discover that new place – before we get a bit of rain and things go…a bit more rocky.




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