Rain, Weather Predictions, Upcoming Events and Pictures Around San Pedro Town

Weather, especially in the tropics, is changeable.  Capricious.  Fickle.  But it’s not entirely unpredictable.

I get at least 3 or 4 messages a week from upcoming visitors that are in a bit of a panic.  They have been watching their “weather app” (it seems that it is usually from weather.com) and CRAP weather is forecast.

Weather.com – which can tell you precisely how the sky will look in Providence RI or Bemidji, MN in the next 15 minutes – has pretty much zero accuracy when it comes to Belize.  I think they just hedge their bets.  Predict a chance of rain everyday because well…there IS always SOME chance.

I mean…even though it basically doesn’t rain one drop from January to April.  And then from May to mid-summer, pretty much only at night.

Here is weather.com’s forecast for today.  And currently the sun is shining bright and the wind is next to nothing.  Hardly 16mph.

So I direct you to Windfinder.com for more accuracy.  

Enough of that.  We got some rain yesterday!  After a week of hot hot humidity but sunny skies.  The weather broke and we got some morning rain.

Our cistern filled up a foot or two.  Hooray!  And the lagoon clouded up with the run off from the land and road.  Here are some pics.

I also passed this new building on a cleared mangrove lot a few miles north of town.  I like to think the planning went like this.

“Man…I really love this door but I have no idea about the rest of the house.  Let’s just put it up and go from there…”

I hope you all enjoy the royal wedding.  I will quite giddily set my alarm for 5am as I go to sleep tonight.

And after that?  I’m off to cooking class with my friends at Belize Food Tours.

How GREAT is this invitation?

And looking ahead…A GROWN UP SPELLING BEE!!!!  (Here is the time I went to the Bowen and Bowen Spelling Bee in San Pedro – Are YOU Smarter than a 5th Grader?)

Every year, children around Belize compete in spelling championships — well, now it’s the adults’ turn! For the first time in San Pedro’s history, The Truck Stop is hosting a spelling bee for adults only. Contestants will use their big brains to compete for big prizes while spelling big words on our big stage. It’s gonna be big!

If you’re interested in being one of the contestants, send a message to the Truck Stop FB page.

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