Join Us Now: Defend Cayo Rosario and Protect What Makes Belize Special

Development is good…right?  Growth, money, jobs.

Well not always.

Let’s imagine that a developer wanted to knock down the Lamanai Maya site and build a casino.  Jobs, yes.  Money, absolutely.  But Lamanai is much more important to Belize than any casino.

What if someone wanted to dredge tens of thousands of tons of sand from Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve?  An area laboriously added to the marine reserve only a few years ago to be protected forever as a nursery for our barrier reef and habitat for the prized permit.

An area that supports all of us on this island either directly or indirectly.

What if they wanted to attempt to compete with Jamaica or Fiji by building a massive off-island dock with over 50 over-the-water structures right in the middle of that marine park?

You might think that is ridiculous.  Why would we compete with those countries?

How could that happen you might ask?

Well…it’s been approved by Belize’s Department of the Environment – despite the fact that it goes against many of the rules in their very own Guidelines to OverWater Structures in Belize.

The guides and the tour operators and the flyfishermen, the lodges and businesses in Ambergris Caye, Belize stood up and said NO.

The unanimous message was:  Build on your island but do not dredge in our marine reserve.

Please join us all by SHARING THIS LOGO and this website – – on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, everywhere.

We stand with the guides, businesses and people of Ambergris Caye to say NO to dredging and NO to over-the-water structures in Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve.  Please see the website to join us

For more information, photos and background, including a fabulous overview from Belize’s Channel 5 news station, check out the website.


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