Getting Back To Business in San Pedro: Chocolate and Comedy

Summer has seriously settled in.  Warm hazy days…some passing showers…and I’ve accomplished ZERO of my Summer To-Do List.

But just a few days ago, my friend arrived and we’ve been out doing a few more things.  Over the last day or so, we went to a live comedy show in San Pedro and then to her favorite spot – Belize Chocolate Company and we even signed up for a Belize Food Tour.

Here are a few of my pictures and my favorite things.

Low tide and sargasso.  

Chocolate shop cuteness.

I want to just have one…but once you taste this coffee-chocolate ganache…man.  It’s hard.

Beautiful soaps and lotions and tea and bags.  LOVE the new cacao totes by Twig and Pearl.

The night before we went to LIVE COMEDY NIGHT at Iguana Juan’s on Back Street.  Still, in my mind, the greatest location

We were seating in the front row (horrifying at a comedy show but keeps you on your toes!) and ordered two delicious Mexican pizzas…

Brad Reeder, the owner of the spot with his wife Shannon, did a brief introduction and then Gaines Kelly told some jokes.

Next was budding comedian, Rob Burrows…good times guy, Hermit Crab race host and owner of Crazy Canucks.

The main act – Jason Dudey – was super funny!  We’d watched a few minutes of one of his YouTube videos for a preview – almost 300K views!

A fun night and something DIFFERENT!  Especially for this blogger who turns into a pumpkin at about 7pm.

Take a look at Iguana Juan’s Facebook page for upcoming events and watch for the announcement of their next comedy night.




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