Hot Hot Sun and Sand Spurs on a Saturday Morning

This summer has been hot and sunny –  but the dry dry* spell was broken a bit at the end of the week with some passing showers and last night, some downpours.

*Superlatives in Belize are often done by doubling the adjective.  For example, where one might say a fruit is “very sweet”, in Belize, some would say “this banana is sweet sweet” or after the rains, the grass is “green green”

Photo from yesterday afternoon in Boca Del Rio just before we got drenched on our golf cart ride north

This morning, the sun is blazing hot and I took our new dog Frances for her big walk.  Her mix of youth and terrier means that she needs to dart after lizards and play in the brush – and for some reason, rub her face on dead things.

Here are my pictures from just a few minutes ago on a walk at 7 miles north, Ambergris Caye.

A view from the bar at Xtan Ha Resort – our neighbor to the south.

The beach grass is FILLED with sand spurs right now.  This EVIL little seeds covering in stiff prickers that are a real eye opener on your barefeet.

After the dog walk it is imperative to check in between her toes.  These things are vicious.

Here is the full description in my Belize plant bible.  The Plants of Caye Caulker.


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