Beautiful Belize Turns 37 Today: The 2018 Jump Up Celebration Parade

You might think I’m crazy but September 21st is my favorite day of the year.  Yes, it’s INCREDIBLY HOT.  Always.  And it’s slow season.  But Belize celebrates Independence Day is such a ridiculously joyous way, I can hardly get enough.

I may have missed the ceremonies in town last night – but here is a gorgeous photo taken by Danny Medina of the fireworks.

I have SO many photos…so I’ll try to keep this reasonable.  This was my 12th parade and one of my favorites yet.

Each year I consider going to the biggest parade in the country – in Orange Walk…but I just can’t NOT go to San Pedro’s Jump Up Parade.  It’s so ridiculously fun seeing all the people you know celebrating Belize.

It is most DEFINITELY my favorite September motto – each year on a national level a competition is held and one chosen.

2018:  Belize Da Fi Wi, Now & Forever, 8867 –> Belize is for us!  Now and forever.  Every inch of our 8867 square miles.

Love it.

Stick with me here…This Garifuna folk character and his weird booty shake dance.

The float from the Polyclinic was…funny.  The bodies on stretchers was…festive?  I love it!

These speakers were no joke.

Wait…what?  Too many?  I’ve hardly started!  The parade isn’t even going!

I tried a new angle on the 2nd floor of a construction site but…I like to be in the action.

HOLY MOLY.  It’s nap time for me now…

What an AWESOME PARADE.  Happy Independence Day EVERYONE!

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