Let’s Get Real About September & October in Belize

A few days ago I started a list.  Information about restaurants and bars that would close for the SLOW season, the RAINY season, the off-season.  The time of the year on Ambergris Caye when we have the least amount of tourists.

There.  I said it!

September, October and the beginning of November are the slowest months on Ambergris Caye and for much of Belize and the Caribbean.  There are a few reasons.  Summer vacation is over in the US/Canada…beach towels and sunblocks are packed away and it’s back to the grind.

Autumn weather is some of the most comfortable and beautiful weather to be in many places (autumn leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and your first fire of the season doesn’t necessarily get you dreaming about the beach)

In the Caribbean, it’s peak of hurricane season (there are two storms out in the Caribbean now) – and tropical waves can bring stormy weather.

Sure it sounds great to call this the “Green Season” or the “Shoulder Season” but let’s get real.

If you come to San Pedro during this time, there will be less tourists around.  Your favorite restaurant might be closed.  And there could be rain (though it will mostly be contained to late night downpours or passing showers) and some bugs that nip.

Here’s the list – I keep adding so please message me!

Updated Sept 5th 12:51pm


But there are HUUUUGE upsides.  Like less tourists.  Less crowded tours.  BARGAIN flights and discounted hotels and resorts.  There are hundreds of bird species migrating to or thru during these months.

Discounted flights locally.

I think it’s time for me to get out to the Belize Botanic Gardens!  (And check that off my summer bucket list)

Some of the best parties of the year.  Like the September 21st Independence Jump-Up Parade that starts on the beach…

and fireworks and other celebrations.

Or the HUGE Halloween parties.  You can be as casual…

or as serious about it as you want to be.  Bonus:  you can wear that sexy nurse costume without FREEZING!

Which one is the real dog and which one is Ben, the owner of the Truck Stop?

So please…do not freak out over this list.  There are SO many places to eat here on the island – SO many places to stay…

I mean…seriously.  If I could get a $400US ticket to Paris right now?  And every single restaurant was closed?  I wouldn’t be typing.  I’d be packing my beret.

Au revoir!



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