My Easter Week in San Pedro, Belize

Easter – which is definitely a long weekend in the US – is a proper week in much of the world and most certainly Latin America.  Semana Santa or Holy Week.  Palm Sunday right thru to Holy Saturday.  And here in Belize, though not a religious day, it continues right through to national holiday – a day of recovery – Easter Monday.

Easter is Belize is a mix of religion, relaxation and hard core partying.

Here are some of my snapshots of this week on Ambergris Caye.  On the started with STRONG winds and a serious heat wave – and ended with a serious “cold front” moving through and a GLORIOUS Easter Saturday.

Middle Street San Pedro

Before a big day of errands.  But first 3 dolla pork tacos at Neri’s.

Tacos at Neris

THE list – provisioning for a week at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.

Beautiful habanero peppers and sweet sweet Mexican mangos.

Crazy pretty weather mid-week.  Amigo’s Del Mar Dive shop has reclaimed beach – pumping in sand – and it looks really really great.

Amigos Del Mar Dive Shop

The statue at the round about is getting a make-over.  Repainted, a new cross and the planter is becoming a fountain.

The benches in Central Park also got a new paint job.

The Truck Stop looking so pretty.

I had a solo lunch at Elvi’s Kitchen.

My go-to lunch order.  Mango Chipotle BBQ Beef tacos.  With fresh mango SO good.

I admired this photo hanging prominently in the restaurant.  Chef Jennie meeting Prince Harry and…wait…who is that in the middle?

That was so crazy fun…way back in 2012!

Pretty pretty Easter meringues at Casa Pan Dulce bakery.

And purple bunting around town.  Violet is the traditional color of Lent.

Keep in mind that Easter is the most holy holiday in Christianity.   Households around San Pedro were making hot cross buns.  I tried my very first one…

Delicious warm with some butter.  Lightly spiced.  I immediately wished I had bought a few dozen.  These from The Baker south of town.

Time for me to head to “the camp” – Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.  Jeff was with guests.

The dogs and I travelled across the lagoon on a blustery Thursday morning.

Here is a great drone shot of the camp that some guests took the week before.

And lots of pics that I took on the ground.

Very thirsty plants waiting for rain.  We haven’t had any serious downfall in weeks…maybe months?

Sunset on a STEAMY Thursday.

And some kinep harvested before the grackles and parrots could get them.  Yum.

And then Friday, late afternoon, the wind shifted and a cold front came in.  You could see the separation in the sky.

Some good rain and then colder delicious north air.

Fishing boots out to dry the next morning.

The beginning of the most gorgeous day. The PERFECT Easter Saturday.  Some pictures from the OTHER side of the island.

Whether you are back from church or out partying on the beach or just eating chocolates, I hope you have the very best Easter.



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