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What’s Going on With SanPedroScoop? LobsterFest Starts Today!

Or locally – Wadda gwan Scoop?

Mostly THIS!  A book!  But let me back up a bit first.

Today is the first season of Lobster Festival.  Over a week of festivities celebrating Belize’s favorite crustacean.  (Least favorite?  Mine are sea lice.  Though barnacles really REALLY creep me out.)

For those of you who are not ready with a San Pedro Lobster Festival schedule – shame on you.  The first two days this year – June 13th and 14th – revolve around the dastardly but delicious lionfish.

Photo taken at a lionfish tournament in 2014.

The invasive species is strangely beautiful but does a huge amount of damage to our reef and the fish that live there.  They are caught by spear and then very carefully cleaned.  The meat is ABSOLUTELY delicious.  Firm – I’ve always thought it tastes like lobster.  Fried or in ceviche…it’s SO GOOD.

This event looks like lots of fun.

Back to me me me.  I’ve been busy editing and finishing this book.

Here’s the story.  A friend of ours visited the camp at the end of January.  He was hosting two weeks of anglers from Canada at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly but more interestingly to me…he was just about to release an ebook.

The Chironomid Fishing Handbook: 51 Tips for Chironomid Fishing Success

It clearly wasn’t the title of the book that got me…it was the idea of a BOOK.  Passive income, Jordan said.  Now that sounds appealing!

So here I am…4 months later.  Blood, sweat, tears, self doubt, misery and…a book!  Passive income my ass!

A beautiful cover by our friend Richard at

If the stars align, it will be available on Amazon on Monday, June 17th.

I am gearing up for that…AND a trip to the Old Country at the end of June.  After 12 years in Belize, I think that is now the proper term for my yearly trip back to the USA.

Here are a few photos from yesterday on the beach.  Sargassum inflow seems to have slowed for now.  And that is a very very good thing.


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