August in San Pedro, The Heat is On…

The last two days have been HOT.  Look at what I consider to be the most accurate weather forecast for the island and it says we are hovering in the low and mid-80s.  But add in HUMIDITY, the sun’s intensity down here and low low winds and it absolutely feels like its over 100 degrees.

The mosquitos are coming out.  (More on bugs in Belize here.)  You’ll most certainly want to spray up for a morning or early evening outing.

I’ll be putting out my August Newsletter over the next few days with more information about what to expect from the “Rainy Season” in Belize (sign up at the bottom of this post) but for now…here are some pictures that I took around town yesterday.  A new FANCY Frozen Yogurt spot opened on the Middle Street and I had to stop in and take a look.

But first…lunch at Elvi’s Kitchen.

The best street corn ever.  I can’t get enough of it.

And then to Frozen Yogurt.  It is a serve–yourself spot.  $1.50bzd an ounce and lots of toppings.

I met the owner – a Belizean from the mainland.  He has a shop in Belize City as well and this one in San Pedro is HUGE.

And clean and cool and the yogurt…delicious.

My favorite part?  These wooden spoons.  Made me feel like I was eating the Italian ice of my youth.  Remember those wooden scrapers?

The staff is so super cute.

Check it out.

We stopped quickly into one of my favorite shops…Graniel’s Dreamland to check out all the beautiful Belize hardwood crafts.

Lots of beautiful new things…I LOVE these new salad bowls!

Time to head home…blazing hot.

For more on these spots, check below!

And a few quick pics of some new graffiti art around town.



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