Sweating at the Camp: Waiting for A Cold Front!

I’m not sure what it is…global warming, age, low tolerance, general lack of rain…but this September and October have been THE HOTTEST EVER!

I hear rumors that a COLD FRONT IS COMING.  (Don’t panic if you have your vacation planned – a “cold front” in Belize means wind from the north -humidity goes lower and temperatures dipping into the 70s! It’s quite heavenly and means you MIGHT need a long sleeved shirt in the evening.)

(Windfinder has a long term forecast that shows temperatures plummeting to 75 degrees!  Still a long way off but fingers are crossed.  ALL OF THEM!)

But right now?  It’s sweltering.  (The actual temperature may say 87 but it feels like it is well into the 100s)

I spent a few days at Cayo Frances Farm & Fly.  A spot I talk about often – one that is 5 miles north of Secret Beach in the…middle of nowhere aka “da bush”.

Here’s a drone shot taken a few years back.  (You can see the reef side of the island way back in the distance…)

The camp is on solar power – and there is no AC.  Not usually a problem AT ALL but these last few days…we did a fair amount of sweating.  I did manage to take a few pictures.

Here they are.

Loading up for the trip.

View as we get closer…

A bit of ballpoint pen graffiti left in the boat while we were gone.  I kinda like it.

Our two newest Boteboards!

And the new housing for a growing collection…

Boteboards at Cayo Frances

This DRY year left much of the grass near the water dead – also killed our 4 mango trees. SO super sad.

Arranging some of my collections…

Here’s my post on Things You Can Find Beach Combing on Ambergris Caye

Mostly seabeans – river rocks from Jeff’s fishing spots abroad – and then shells from Secret Beach area.

An Adirondack corner was installed from our last trip including a fish from my dad’s old cabin in North Creek NY and a map from an artist in Lake Placid.

Our little lagoon.

The pretty rain lilies that bloom after each heavy rain.  We haven’t seen the flowers since January!  They are a type of wild amaryllis.

I wrangled a harmless little snake that got inside.  Well…not THAT harmless…he peed on me.

Elsie’s position most of the time.  Belly up to the fan.

Ginger and her tooth.

Frannie prefers being outside – so she can chase birds off.

She was manning our “mosquito-meter”

And then headed back to “the big island”.

That’s it from me!  Well…not really.  MY BOOK – the soft cover version – has been SUBMITTED TO AMAZON and will be available SOON!

So exciting and scary and exciting.

I will MOST CERTAINLY let you know when it’s LIVE.  Thank you so much for ALL of your support on this.  The reviews have been so generous.


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