The Most BEAUTIFUL Late October Day

Yesterday I woke up…it was like most other October Mondays.  I checked the National Hurricane Center to see if anything new had popped up on the radar – it IS that time of year in the Western Caribbean and Central America.

I slathered up with bug spray and took the dogs for a walk – mornings have been buggy up north.  We headed to town with a bunch of errands to run deciding that we’d stop into Lily’s Treasure Chest for lunch.  It IS the beginning of conch season and their conch ceviche is unparalleled in my opinion – simple perfection.

Also read:  Lily’s Treasure Chest in downtown San Pedro Has the Best Fried Fish  we order that too.

It was turning down towards the beach when it struck me.  Bam.  Right in the chest.  WHAT A RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS DAY.

Not only was the water blue and sparkling but the sand…gorgeous.  Hardly any sargasso seaweed in sight.  I took some photos…ate my lunch and took some more photos.

The type of day so great that someone who has lived here full time for 12+ years was gawking.  I really was.

Hopefully these snap shots give you a sense of it.  And, as always, if you want to follow along with lots more pictures during the day – check out Instagram (and Instagram stories.)  It’s not just for kids!

My view from Lily’s – perhaps the prettiest gas station in the world.  I’ll have to google that.

The delicious food.

And up the beach…

I was taking pictures ever few steps!

And then back in the cart and over the bridge…

And the back home – 7 miles north – to walk the dogs in front of beautiful Tuto, our neighbor.

This time with my eyes wide open.

Quick book update:  The cover size was rejected by Kindle and fingers crossed….it should be ready in the next day or two and…good lord.  One thing is certain.  I WILL LET YOU KNOW!

Right now it is only Kindle.





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