Charming Caye Caulker – I Have LOTS More to Do

Silly, SILLY me.  I thought I’d be able to get a thorough read on Caye Caulker in just a few days.  I mean…I’ve been there at least 30 times…maybe more.

But rarely overnight.

In reality this two night, three day stay helped me get a feel for Caye Caulker but I have SOOOO much more to see and eat and experience…so many more people to talk before I can even start to think of a book.

News flash:  Caye Caulker is NOT centered around the Split so much anymore.  There is a TON going on!

I’m up for the challenge because Caye Caulker looks SO charming and CLEAN.  There are more food selections than there have ever been and some are so great!  (And I only scratched the surface!)  The island still maintains a Belize village feel though some of the classic wooden houses are starting to being replaced by big (ugly) concrete boxes.  Dogs can still take a nap in the road.  You can still get around most of the island by foot.

So beautiful.  So while I scribble down ideas and questions and work on my schedule to spend a TON more time on Caye Caye, let me show you some pictures from Day 2 and 3 of my trip.  (You can see a bunch of pictures from Day One here.)

Take a look.

I bought a super cute hand carved boat from a guy named Loco.  Such pretty colors.  I bet he sold 10000 of these for Christmas ornaments.

He’s also doing amazing things with seabeans and other things he finds on the beach (did you know I am strangely passionate about seabeans?)

The weather had turned a bit more…stormy.

Still very pretty.

I stopped in the Caye Caulker Animal Shelter – the shelter where dogs are waiting to get in.  (My new motto for them)

I ate a bubble waffle – I got lots of people telling me to try it  at Ice N Beans on the beach.

A little Nutella makes everything better.

I tried a homemade Cinnamon Bun and liked that even MORE.

Please don’t judge…this is research.

My FAVORITE breakfast spot is GORGEOUS Namaste Cafe – a three story open air and thatch spot that makes you feel like you are in Bali.  Jess, the owner, teaches yoga twice a morning – payment:  a donation.

(She also wrote the fabulous Caye Boy books – I met her a few years back for the first time and this beautiful business is wrapped around her family’s original blue house.)

I tried and LOVED my very first Kombucha – and brought home a SCOBY to try to make my own.


They served the MOST delicious breakfast too – and some great coffee.  I had the croissant with fluffy eggs and crispy ham and TONS of cheese for 2 days in a row.

Despite the cloudy skies on my second day, the sunset was GORGEOUS – and it’s quite a scene on Caye Caulker.  SO many people make their way to the Iguana Reef in for the congregation of pelicans and sunset-instagrammers.

I ate good Italian food on the island, I ate Yummy Yummy Chinese food.  Shrimp rice noodles (they were out of lobster – next time!).

The next day (my day #3) was beautiful.  I headed down to the Split early…

Passing this awesome doll head and glaring cat.

To the cut in the island split by nature…and then by man…and then even more by Hurricane Hattie.

A lot to process, right?  Now I need to get to the far south end…and the ENTIRE North side.

PLEASE email me ([email protected]) if you have any suggestions…I would LOVE to hear them.


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