A Trip Back to Belize City For Some Answers On My Thyroid Issues

Yesterday I headed back to Belize City for the results of some of my medical tests – to hopefully diagnose the issues with my angry thyroid gland.

I wrote about it a few weeks ago – and about why I’m sharing all this!)  I shared the details (prices, specifics, doctors, the whole ball of wax) but here’s the abbreviated version:

  • 2 doctors mentioned to me that my thyroid should be checked – that it looked swollen
  • I had my thyroid levels checked with a blood test – they looked normal
  • I had an ultrasound in San Pedro – thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes acutely inflamed
  • Made an appointment with an internist at Belize Healthcare partners (there are no endocrinologists in Belize) to diagnose the issue

Before I get to my trip over – THANK YOU GUYS for all the information and support I got – both from people in Belize dealing with thyroid issues and from you guys abroad.  The help and the information has been invaluable.  I will be candid though, I am not yet willing in dive into the gluten- and dairy-free lifestyle.  Perhaps that will come with time.  Perhaps.  And don’t even mention my 2-a-day Coke Lights.

So yesterday, I caught the 8:30am water taxi to Belize City with San Pedro Belize Express. 

The weather, this last week or so, has been HOT and still.  Today is more of the same.

The lagoon north of town at about 7:30am.

The ride to Belize City?  1.5 hours.  There are (is?) a slew of taxi guys waiting in the city – $10bzd for the 10-minute ride to Belize Healthcare Partners.

I was there in plenty of time for my 10:30am appointment.  Weighed, blood pressure and pulse read, I was ready to see the doctor for the results from the antibody test.

These two tests were taken 2 weeks ago to find out if I have any auto-immune disease.  If my immune system is attacking my thyroid gland…

And…it is.  Diagnosis:  Hashimoto’s Disease.

It’s not uncommon, it’s treatable in most cases.  This, to me, is good news.  Identified.  Manageable.

We talked about medications.  And adjusted them.  The appointment was…free.

And I’ll return in 2 weeks to check on my progress.

AND, over the next few months, I will have to see an endocrinologist – a doctor who specializes in exactly this sort of thing.  This is normally done in Mexico – in Merida, a hub for medical tourism in the area – or in Cancun.

My last trip to Merida:  Merida:  I Love SO Many Things About this City

We also chatted about this option – that a few of you saw on Facebook and sent me.  Thank you!

I was in and out of the hospital in about 30 mins.  With zero dollars spent?  It felt a bit like a medical miracle.

I had time for a stop at Brodie’s Supermarket in downtown Belize City – it’s just a 10 minute walk back to the water taxi.

I grabbed some of the items that I know are SOOO much cheaper here than they are in San Pedro.  Like Bob’s Red Mill prodcuts.  They have a FULL array of grains and cereals and nuts and powders…all at 1/3 to 1/2 off the prices on the island.

And then I walked back to the water taxi to grab the noon boat back to San Pedro.  A beautiful day…and I was ready to be home.

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