Shifting Winds, Sparkling Weather on Ambergris Caye

There are a few things you can be mostly-sure-of when on Ambergris Caye Belize.  The majority of the time:

  • The temperature is going to be around 81 or 82 degrees in the daytime – give or take a few degrees.
  • The sun is going to be shining for a good part of the day.
  • The sun is going to rise around 5:45 am (again…give or take half an hour) and set 12 hours later.
  • AND the breeze will be blowing in from the ocean.  Sometimes it will slow to barely a whiff (generally in September/October) and sometimes it can be quite brisk!  (Think the “Easter Winds” that can blow in March/April)

But at this time of year…generally from December to February…we can get some “cold fronts” blowing through.

Right now, the cold weather that is moving across the US has dipped down to Belize.  The wind is NOT blowing off the ocean, it’s blowing from the north.  Humidity is lower and temperatures, in the early morning at least, are in the high 70s!

Cooler, a bit drier but also…the ocean is flat like a lake!  You can hardly see the wake of our reef that is just offshore.  You can always check wind direction and weather here.

Here are a bunch of photos that I took Friday afternoon – just north of town in the Boca Del Rio area.  (Between town proper and the bridge north)

The sky was sooo blue.  Everything sparkled.

Belize Parasail

Hurricanes Ceviche Bar

Hurricane’s Ceviche Bar was looking so good.  What a great spot to hang out and swim!

Secret Beach is not the only spot where you can float…or sit under an umbrella in the water and enjoy lunch and a cocktail.

Continuing up the beach!

The beach at Caye Casa…

And then beautiful Caye Casa herself.

Caye Casa Boutique Hotel

The entrance for Hotel Boca Del RIo and the AMAZING seagrape tree.

And the swing in the tree.

And then a look from Boca Del Rio park – just before the bridge.

Happy Sunday all.  Jeff’s mom arrives today from Connecticut for her first visit in 2 years!


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