Busted Motherboard Silences SanPedroScoop for 6 Days

Well…ok.  That’s a bit dramatic but in today’s world…it seems to be how everyday sentiments are expressed on cable news and social media.   So I thought I’d give it a whirl?  Enragement engagement…

And I don’t like it. So let me tell you what really happened.

I was preparing for a Zoom call just about a week ago – I was at the camp and I’d never tested the internet there in such a way – and…my 4-year-old laptop wouldn’t charge anymore.  It had just been in for servicing…and had been adjusted and…nothing.  We took her to town and heard that dreaded word…or faux word designed to torment computer laypeople.  Motherboard.

The fastest, most reliable way to ensure that I had a working computer within the next month was to order a new one.  Painful but true.  Thankfully – when I reached out to the Facebook world, my friend Steve was headed to Belize on Monday.

So…I ordered a new laptop on Amazon – which was at his Texas home TWELVE HOURS LATER.  And then waited for her to arrive in Belize.

6 computerless days aren’t so bad.

I picked it up yesterday at the office at Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop.  Not a bad view…right?

View Chuck and Robbie's Dock

I’m still figuring her out – how to get rid of the stuff I don’t want, how to ensure I never see Bing.com pop up and the worst part…remembering/recovering all of my passwords.

Here are some snapshots that I took yesterday. I am also camera-less for another week or so.  It was successfully repaired at the Canon Factory in Virginia but she is taking the slower route to Belize.

Sargassum is a problem all along the Yucatan right now and around the Caribbean.  You can see it here along the shoreline in San Pedro.  (Check out satellite images and reports here)

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