From San Pedro to Belize City for Errands, Appointment and Shopping

I like to travel to Belize City at least a few times a year for various reasons. It’s nice to get off the island once in a while – see different things, eat at different restaurants and take care of some business. To see a specialized doctor, to visit some of the larger hardware and home good stores, to get photos or artwork framed for insanely great prices*.

Plus, it’s pretty easy to do for the day. Here’s how I traveled to Belize City last week to go see my new dermatologist/primary care doctor and here’s what I saw.

My doctor’s appointment was at 10:15am – so I decided to hop on the 8:30am water taxi to Belize City. With San Pedro Belize Express water taxi and my $10bzd annual membership card, the RT ticket costs $69bzd. And the trip takes about 1.5 hours – San Pedro to Caye Caulker (25 mins) and onward to Belize City (another 50 mins)

But before we leave…ANYtime I can get to San Pedro town early – before 9am – I am going to stop and get a johnny cake at Celi’s Deli on Front Street.

Celi's Deli on Front Street

A johnny cake is a local bread. Usually flour, baking soda, salt, a tiny bit of sugar, coconut milk and/or shortening. Celi’s Deli makes my favorite. I love it toasted with ham and cheese. LOVE.

Note: Give yourself 10-15 minutes at Celi’s…it can feel like the whole town is getting breakfast in there. They are efficient but also very busy!

Celi's Johnny Cake
Warm…and eating it as soon as I got my seat on the water taxi

Also, if you dislike the traffic and lack of parking in town – the early to mid-morning is THE BEST TIME to visit. There is plenty of parking..the only traffic is school kids with their families. It’s a great time to get your errands and shopping done.

Front Street San Pedro in the morning
Morning on Front Street, San Pedro
Front Street Views
Look at all that parking!

The water taxi terminal is in Central Park – the tree looking beautiful.

Tree Central Park San Pedro

The johnny cake is BIG!

Celi's johnny cake size

Just over an hour and a half later, I was in Belize City at the water taxi terminal. A view of the harbor…fishing boats in front and two HUGE cruise ships moored off shore.

Here’s a look at the Cruise Ship Village – which is closed to locals. If your cruise stops in Belize City – you are getting off here.

The water taxi and cruise ship port in Belize City
The river in Belize City and the fishing boats

Taxi guys are lined up – and for $10bzd, I was taken to my appointment. After it was finished, I asked the receptionist how to get a taxi (it’s usually a good idea to take your taxi guy’s phone number) – and she pointed me to a taxi stand on the next block.

I was headed over to Design Depot (at Jeff’s request) to pick out some Sherwin-Williams paint colors and look at some tiles for our new camp.

Design Depot is HUGE. And if you are looking for more upscale appliances and fixtures in Belize, this is your spot.

Design Depot in Belize City

Sigh…how I would love to have a bath tub. One day.

High end fixtures at Design Depot
Stoves and washing machines at Design Depot

Grabbing some colors to go. Think mangrove greens…

Mangroves green paint chips

Hungry, I knew Sahara Restaurant was just a few hundred feet away. And the Biltmore Hotel just across the street. A good spot to hop in my next taxi.

Sahara is a Lebanese-Middle Eastern spot that makes delicious pita and babaghanoush and lamb and hummus. I went for hummus and a tasty falafel wrap.

Pita and wrap at Sahara in Belize City

Across the street at the Biltmore Hotel, there were no taxis available but the hotel van was free. For $20bzd, they drove my to downtown Belize City…to see the holiday decorations and to look around at the shops.

Bowen and Bowen tree in Belize City

I love the retro rotating Coca Cola sign.

Coca cola christmas

And then more decoration in the square by the court house.

Belize City Christmas

I went into Brodie’s – the large supermarket, store and pharmacy that has some really good prices.

I really wanted this pink wreath. But for what? I did not buy it.

Pink wreath at Brodies

Brodie’s is a great spot to buy baking items – things like chocolate chips and flaked coconut that can be really expensive in San Pedro. I also LOVE the selection of Bob’s Red Mill products. They are all at or LOWER THAN the prices in the US. I grabbed some rye flour and a bunch of steel cut oats and took pictures for you.

It’s amazing how much I get asked if you can find gluten-free products in Belize (yes…here!) and different types of flour (yes…here!)

So I’ll leave you with photos of Bob’s Red Mill in Belize.

Bob's Red Mill products at Brodies

Because I know SOMEONE out there is looking for quinoa flour. I see you 🙂

Flour selection for Bob's red mill in Belize
Flour at Brodies
5lbs of flour from $11bzd to $19bzd

I had plenty of time to look around and hop on the 3pm boat back to San Pedro.

**** For beautiful, simple framing and matting in Belize City – talk to my friend Ralph at the Framing Shop.

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  1. David Martin on December 11th, 2023 at 3:22 pm

    Cruise Ship Village will never be on my Bucket List. Not that they’d want to, but why is it closed to locals? I could see where one might say, “Follow me, I’ll get you that ½ price”. And not that you’d want to, but do you think you could get in now as a citizen?

    How do prices at Design Depot compare to Chetumal – with and without customs?

    • San Pedro Scoop on December 12th, 2023 at 9:42 am

      I haven’t really done much shopping in Chetumal so that I can not compare…

      It’s closed to locals and any outsiders. I think for security and for duty-free shopping and probably because they don’t want outsiders selling tours or anything else.

      I only got in by making an appointment ahead of time. Security is TIGHT!

      • Rebecca Helm on December 27th, 2023 at 7:02 am

        Ticket payments pass it forward

        • San Pedro Scoop on December 29th, 2023 at 9:47 am

          Pass it forward?