Perfect Sunday Weather for Secret Beach

Secret Beach is probably the most visited destination on Ambergris Caye for visitors. The clear, calm waters…the endless soft sandy bottom…it’s an absolutely stunning landscape. But it can also be a bit crowded and a bit…I’m showing my age…a bit loud. THANKFULLY there are plenty of options. If you love sitting in the water eating great food in a party atmosphere…they’ve got that spot. If you want to find some peace and quiet…they have that spot. (Though those are getting harder and harder to find!)

Pretty view at Secret Beach

I am working to update my most popular blog post of the past 5 years: My Complete Guide to Secret Beach

Sunday, I headed over…my first trip of 2024 (and probably my first trip in at least 6 months). This “Complete Guide Update” will take 3 or 4 trips and lots of tips from you guys.

Turn to Secret Beach
Turn left to Secret Beach

Not-At-All-No-Not-One-Bit-Secret Beach has grown like crazy over the last year! Here are some photos from my first trip…so you can see some of what’s new.

Secret Beach Road
This used to be lagoon – the road was built up about…12-13 year ago

You can see the lagoon on both sides – and at this time of year, very pretty birds. I saw 5 or 6 roseate spoonbills (“Belizean flamingos”) feeding. The state of the road? In San Pedro terms: So-so. It’s not a bad drive if you watch for bumps.

Linda Street
A pretty new house built in the Secret Beach area
Guapo's Bar
Guapo’s Bar – the first business you will pass while driving

Guapo’s First and Last Stop is a nice little bar – with great BBQ. I sometimes pick up chicken BBQ on the way home…

Onward! Passing Roadkill Bar.

Roadkill Bar
With what I’d call a funky Flintstone vibe

Roadies with Double Rum. Not today 😉

On the road approaching Secret Beach there are a few new homes. This one is quite fancy…and looks like they will be renting the smaller cabanas? Maybe? Samurda Villas. I can’t find anything online.

Just ahead I was very happy to find a little convenience store. I stopped in for a Coke Zero. ($3bzd vs. the usual $2bzd in town but that makes sense. There is no electric utilities out at Secret Beach so expect things to be a bit more expensive)

Lynn's store at Secret Beach
Lynn’s Store with the basics

To the beach! I turned left…

Shabby signs at Secret Beach

To find a number of bars! I stopped in quite a few…

Swing Bar
I parked at Swing Bar and did some walking

All very rustic..but fun.

Swings at Swingbar
Swings at Swingbar
View inside Swingbar
The view!
Rasta guy sign at the Swing Bar
Swing Bar sign

Next door Blue Bayou was packed. And the music was loud!

SIgns at Blue Bayou
Menu at Blue Bayou
The menu posted at Blue Bayou – the Mega Bucket is a case of beer! (I asked)
The tables at Blue Bayou
All table full by about noon – but it’s Sunday in one of the busiest months of the year!
The bar at Blue Bayo
The bar at Blue Bayou
South end of Blue Bayou
The south side of Blue Bayou…

There is a quieter spot to the south with plenty of seating called Wet N Wild.

And then Sunset Beach Club. Roomier for sure. A little rundown but so are many bars at Secret Beach.

The good thing about this area is that there are plenty of options – I’ve only told you about a handful…there are probably 15 bars…maybe more…to choose from.

An entrance to the water at Sunset Palace Beach Club
Sunset Palace Beach Club entrance to the water…

Ahhhh! I need to run! I’ll share more pictures later…but this is a very good start…

Please please please send me all Secret Beach recommendations since I don’t get there often enough!

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  1. Kim on February 6th, 2024 at 12:10 pm

    Hi Rebecca, Is Aurora’s still there? Loved that place and it was quiet when we were there back in early 2019.

    • San Pedro Scoop on February 8th, 2024 at 11:53 am

      It is! I like that spot too…and it was nice and quiet. I’ll post more!

  2. Rob Stark on February 6th, 2024 at 3:24 pm

    Had the seafood platter (grilled) at Blue Bayou last month, was d’lish. Wish we’d made a second trip. We like to go on a weekday and do a leisurely lunch. Then we’re on our way back before things get to crazy.