Beach Front Living: Villa Vida Del Caribe, 6.5 Miles North, Ambergris Caye

For more information on this property, please message Mark at [email protected]

I’ve decided to do a new feature for my blog.  Once a month, I hope to highlight a piece of real estate here on Ambergris Caye – a condo or house that is for sale by the owner.

Could this seem to sale-sy for my Opinionated Blog about Belize?  Well…I hope not and I honestly don’t think so.  Personally, I love to have a look behind closed fences and doors – to see the insides of peoples’ homes and here about why they chose it…and sometimes built it.  To know what is available and how much it might cost.  It’s exactly what I wanted to do with the Scoop.  PLUS, in keeping with my entire website, all opinions are still my own.

So here is my first entry – at 6.5 miles north on Ambergris Caye.  A 2 bedroom home on the beach.

There is a stretch of beach, a handful of homes that can not be seen from the road – just a short walk north of the very pretty Portofino Beach Resort.

A bit farther…

…and right next door to this home.  LOVE the peace sign.

Though I’d never seen the houses until very recently, I knew the area.  For some reason it has been my very BEST on the whole island for birding – maybe because there is so many plants and tree between the road and water.

I’ve spotted a Great Horned Owl AND photographed flocks of screaming olive-throated parakeets.  (No NOT at the same time – I fear this fairly huge handsome owl would love to dine on the tasty green treats)

Just this week, I spotted this guy.

I also know that just across from this beach is one of the prettiest stretches of ocean and reef called Mexico Rocks.  A relatively new part of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve known for the bluer than blue clear waters – almost like a giant swimming pool.  If the swimming pool had turtles.

Let me just show you the home – and give you some details. It was built by the current owners — a lovely couple who dreamed of retiring to Belize after their first visit years ago.  They first bought seaside lot in the Corozal district (on mainland Belize) but sold that when they found the perfect spot on Ambergris Caye.  After a few years of full-time living on the island – and loving it – they’ve decided to sell their home and focus on the new loves of their lives.  The grandkids.

The details:  Vida Del Caribe (or “Caribbean Life”) is a luxury 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa located on 80 feet of beach —  The villa, constructed in 2015/2016 has gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea and the Barrier Reef on the east and the Cayo Frances Conservation Zone on the west. This entirely concrete private home has 2 floors with a third rooftop nature viewing area.

There is a POOL!  2,018 square feet interior (can you tell the owners are engineers?) with 1,065 square feet of exterior living spaces.

Some photos I took.

The house.  The owners were recently on vacation and the storm shutters were closed.

The yard is surrounded by fence – front of back – perfect for the current 2 dogs who are residents.

The first floor – this large room smartly partitioned into a living space and dining room.

Modern kitchen.

There is a bedroom and full bathroom on the main floor.

Up the stairs…LOVE these railings!

A large master bedroom with a huge bathroom – the view and the vaulted ceiling (all different natural colors of Belizean hardwoods) are beautiful.

Beautiful touches like these lights as you climb the stairs and ALL the Belizean hardwood furniture and finishings by Graniels’ Woodshop in town…but PLENTY of room for you to make it all your own.

Great circular windows going up…

And then up some more to a beautiful wine & cheese sunset balcony – that’s my terminology.  A beautiful view of the reef…

And the look back over the lagoon and the sunset.  It would also be FANTASTIC for this month’s meteor showers.

There are some other things that make a TON of difference when looking for a property on Ambergris Caye.  Things I would have never thought of when moving to Belize.

I mentioned the storm/security shutters.  The house has internet and electricity but those who live north collect their own water.

This home has an reverse osmosis system (makes fresh water from ocean water) that can create water at a rate of 1000 gallons a day – enough for about 10 people. In addition water collected from the roof is stored in a cistern with a capacity of 13,500 gallons – mostly used for plants and swimming pool.   ESPECIALLY useful if you plan to rent the home some or all of the year.

My own research – based on VRBO and AirBNB comps in the area — is that a two bedroom, private home would rent for about $375 to $425US a day if that is the route you choose to go.

LASTLY, a cool two seater Hobie Mirage pedal-sea kayak comes with.

Enough details from me.   The listed price is $899,000USD.   For more information about the home and the area, please contact Mark directly at [email protected].

Phone number is (501) 671-9579 — it’s a Belize call.

And good luck on your potential house search!  Here’s a picture of the parakeets in the area.

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Beautiful Vida del Caribe private home for sale on Ambergris Caye, Belize - the reef, the beach, the birds and wildlife. WOW.

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