Belize Fashion Week in San Pedro is Finn Approved: Lights, Designer Collections and Catwalk!

From fashion correspondent Fin Kardashian: This past week, BFW (Belize Fashion Week) showcased the best designing talent in Belize and even featured some international designers from around Central America.  Although it’s not a Mercedes-Benz Bryant Park NYC fashion show, I would SO love to congratulate Pat Grief for putting on an outstanding event.  We haveKeep reading »

Snapshots Around Belize This Past Week or So


I post photos in a few places – on my blog for sure, on Facebook and then, the most casual “out and about during the day” photos on Instagram. Instagram certainly has those who love it and those who don’t.  It’s packed with all sorts of filters that can turn even my most dull washedKeep reading »

Kardashian Correspondent Covers Belize Fashion Week 2014…A Sneak Preview

Fin K

This year, I’ve attended some fairly unexpected events in Belize.  Events that may not seem exceptional in places like New York…or Mexico City…but are both surprising and exciting in our tiny country.  April’s Belize International Film Festival held in Placencia was one. The premiere of San Pedro (and Belize’s first) locally filmed, acted and debuted telenovelaKeep reading »

Read all the Scoops

Some of my favorite Scoops!

Why Belize?

You are thinking about vacation (who isn’t?).  Why choose tiny Belize?  Here are eight reasons why I think Belize rocks.  See if you agree… KEEP READING »



Trips and Tours

While some plan a trip to Belize to just lay in a hammock, drink a frozen cocktail and relax, most  like to take advantage of all the activities Belize has to offer.  Whether it’s mainland trips to the ruins or jungle, repelling down waterfalls, visiting the Belize Zoo or snorkeling the reef, there are plenty of things to do for people of all ages and all levels of thirst for adventure.

  • Snorkeling
  • Cave Tubing
  • Manatee Watching
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Maya Ruins
  • Sailing on A “Old School” Belizean Sail Boat
  • The Belize Zoo
  • Zip Lining
  • Catamaran Sailing
  • Traveling Latin America

    Though I live in full-time in Belize, there are so many amazing countries close by.  I’ve been to Mexico quite a few times but over the past year, I’ve tried to see as many as I could.  Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia… I’ve barely scratched the surface.

    Mayan Ruins