Meet One of My Favorite Harmouches: Mahmoud Hassoun

To me, he is a Harmouch though his name is Mahmoud Hassoun.  (His mother is Harmouch).  And this is my pretend adopted Lebanese son.  I honestly love this kid.  I used to spend about an hour a day talking to him when I lived at the Belize Yacht Club and he worked at La Isla Supermarket right across the street.  I consider him family here on this island.  He looks just like me, right?

And, don’t tell him this (or anything else that you don’t want the world to know).  I call him Mah-Mouth.  He is one serious gossip.  In a fun way.  He should write a column for the paper.  Want some info?  Stop in and see him.

I didn’t know this until today but Mahmoud came on the same plane from Lebanon with Wissam Harmouch of Rock’s (see my previous “Favorite Harmouch” story) in 2006.  They both worked at Island Supermarket for a year and a half (apparently, the training grounds for young Lebanese) and then Mahmoud went to work for his uncle at a new supermarket.

Just this year he went off on his own.  Small hardware store?  Nah.  Tiny neighborhood grocery?  No.  This kid went all out and took over San Pedro Supermarket.  The HUGE store just north of town by Wet Willy’s.

He renamed it CayeMart (which I think is pretty clever), stocked it up, cleaned it up and opened an ice cream/smoothie place on the outside.  Good thinking.  There is tons of street traffic going by here…all the people going up north.

He lives above the store with his little brother and his cousins.  And he wouldn’t let me take his picture in front of the liquor since he is from quite a religious family.   (I guess you can sell condoms and liquor but not be seen with it?)

Mahmoud is very quick to smile and laugh and is just a really good kid.  His store is also huge, very well priced and has everything you need…from snacks to drinks to produce.  It’s a great place to stock up on groceries when you first arrive in town.

So, when driving by, stop and see him.  Tell him that his Gringa Mom sent you and maybe he will give you a discount.

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