My Stay-cation Begins with a Michelada (Recipe Included)

Yesterday was a total washout…and today wasn’t looking any better.  But then…the sun!  I was able to spend a few hours on the dock and to develop a lobster-like sunburn that will be smarting for days.

Best to start the day with a michelada (aka, the Poor Man’s Bloody Mary).  10am too early for a beer?  Maybe…but this is not a beer, it’s a breakfast drink.

Here is the Michelada recipe:

Juice of One Lime
A few shakes of Worcestershire
A few shakes of Hot Sauce (to taste)
Celery Salt and Black Pepper
A few pinches of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt
Mix the above ingredients, add ice and then a Belikin Beer

Drink and enjoy your morning.

Sherlyn at Squirrels Nest at Mata Rocks made a great one.

There were black clouds looming all afternoon in the south…but for the most part, they stayed away.

I was even able to convince this young lobster hunter to get me a starfish.  They are beautiful and creepy all at once…the suction cups…weird.

But don’t worry…I returned him back to the sea.  And I looked very happy doing it.

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