Charlie Turns 11 At Pedro’s Inn

Her Grace Charlie, grand mistress of Pedro’s Inn (and her attendant, Jambo) were washed, groomed and she was ready to receive her gifts and her BBQ.  But first there was decorating to do.  What proper party doesn’t include balloons?  And Jamie was there to instruct our two volunteers, JD and Darrell, in the proper techniques.  Balloon, balloon, smoke break, balloon.  Balloon,  Smoke break.

Walter prepared his famous BBQ and red beans.  And needed a bit of help getting the fire going.

And Wade ( baked 3 flavors of his delicious rum cake.  One with Oreo cookies…one with cherries.  The kids loved it and I loved that this heavy dose of rum seemed to quiet them down a bit.  Want a great cake for a party or some delicious little souvenir cakes when you visit?  He’s the man.

There were 5 or 6 dogs in attendance.  One, named Biggie Smalls, was caught eating the end of the bar. 

We stopped him when he actually bit a big piece of wood off.
Many wise (-ish) people arrived from the east to present Charlie with gifts of dog food, dog treats and dog toys and to worship her. 
Denny from Croc’s Bar.
The Southwells, including baby Tesla rocking her super cute hair.
Her Highness inspecting the Southwells’ gift.
More treats arrive.
Phil and Marie brought Charlie a new toy.
Someone brought this super cute card with pictures of Charlie and pizza.
The lighting of the cake.
Peter and crew.  Peter looking as festive and appreciative as usual.  Apprently the request to “smile” is one he doesn’t understand or has never heard before.
Later in the night some interesting shot called a “Rocky Mountain Bear F-er”.  Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels and Patron.  Oh my.
Charlie actually seemed pleased by the attention and Jambo was just happy to be part of the festivities, to be fed scraps by far too many people and to wait for his own birthday party.
Pedro’s new smoking section.  Two packed picnic tables with a palapa to come…

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