Red Ginger,Why Isn’t This Place Packed?

Last week, we stopped by Red Ginger at the Phoenix Resort for lunch.  I always try lunch at a restaurant first since I am pretty cheap.   I’ve heard a few people talk about this restaurant but after we visited, I realized that there should be a lot more buzz.  This place is fantastic and there was no one there! 

First, the location is ideal.  At the north end of town, Red Ginger is situated at the Phoenix Resort (  You would never know that this place is in San Pedro town…it’s so beautiful.  You feel like you are in a remote area.  Here are a few pics of the grounds.

Entering from the road or the beach, it’s pretty easy to fnd the restaurant.  You can check out their menu at  I was under the misconception that they do only Asian food here.  Not true.  It’s a mix with mostly Caribbean dishes.

Ahhhh…air conditioning.  This restaurant looks posh.  But fear not, I was dressed like my usual self (t shirt and shorts) and was just fine.

We ordered the lobster fritters.  And unlike most of them, it’s almost all meat and very little batter.  They are so good.
Why stop there?  Next…soup course.  I had the black bean soup with croutons and sour cream and Jamie had the lobster chowder.  Both were pretty tasty…though I’d pick the lobster chowder if I went again.  (Of course that was the one I didn’t order).
We didn’t want to be pigs so we split the Smoked Chicken, Pesto and Avocado Wrap to finish.  Again, delicious.  The fresh made tortilla wrap was particularly nice.
Our waitress was super helpful.
Red Ginger’s got some good stuff going on.
Monday Nights:  Half Price Wine Night
Wednesdays at 6m:  Jazz & Caribbean Music Live and Tapas
Another picture of the pool area.  Le Sigh.
Also good to know.  There is no discrimination at the Phoenix…they even have an entrance specifically designed for little people.

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