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Halloween: No Joke in San Pedro, Belize

And the pouring rain at 7pm wasn’t going to stop a thing.  (Things dried out by about 8.30).  There are big parties EVERYWHERE with the very biggest at the Holiday Hotel.   That one doesn’t stop until the sun comes up.   I decided to keep it relatively low key (if that is even possible) and attended a bit of a Halloween pub crawl.

Here is what I saw…starting at Roadkill Bar.

Pappa Smurf trying to do a jello shot. Wasn’t that the title of one of the Smurf episodes?

The theme of the party was Red Devils/Green Fairies based on the flavors of absinthe that Jean brews.

We got some fairies.  Here are Jean (the distiller on the right) and Tammy.

Jo as an excellent Red Devil and Matt as Tinker-Belly.
Helda did a brilliant job of being both. Talk about crafty…

Some scary…

Some scarier…

And the scariest.  Wade the Creepy Molester Clown.  It’s what nightmares are made of…and blowing up condom balloon animals didn’t help assuage my fear.

Too many good ones!  Amy as Lady Gaga.

An awesome Ali G.  Love the rings.

Beth as the merry Widow.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife.

Doc the snake charmer.

OKAY!  On to Pedro’s Inn…AHHHHH!!!!  Wade again.  He got even scarier as the night went on.

One of the best pairs of the evening.

Lara as a bedazzled, bubble gum colored crayon.

Too many costumes!  The hat below was fantastic.  Finally a use for the thousands and thousands of silk and plastic flowers they sell at the A&R store in town.

On to Croc’s Bar…we passed Holiday Hotel and the crowds were gathered to watch people enter.  

Quick stop at Wahoo’s Lounge where I ran into the San Pedro Sun.  Tamara and Dennis. You need to admire someone that bleaches his hair and wears crazy blue contacts for Halloween.  That is committment!

Back to Croc’s Bar.
Pedro and Laurie as a pimp and witch-ho.
Lisa, Jo and SanPedroScoop as a San Pedro Lion.  Not much of a costume but I haven’t worn one in 25 years.  Cut me some slack!

Happy Halloween everyone!  It is far from over in San Pedro, Belize. I’m off to a Halloween brunch and then a costume party for kids, adults and pets to benefit the San Pedro Humane Society.  Trust me, I’ll be reporting back.

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5 thoughts on “Halloween: No Joke in San Pedro, Belize

  1. susan edwards

    i have been a LOYAL tourist to the island for over 7 years, twice a year! I have sent friends, accaintances and strangers we have bet diving elsewhere to this island paradise, because it WAS so quaint, majical and the people are amazing! the origianl owner or Ramons, was an island original that wanted to share the majic of the island with others, to show there was still an untouched piece of paradise within our minds and reach……palm trees, white sand beaches, amazing small local family owned businesses, restuarants with nothing but three walls, made of palm trees, and sand floors, and food to die for! there was VERY LITTLE signage other than home made signs, and the odd proffessional painted one, no gaudy stuff…..just a little island that seemed as if time had forgotten,,,, what they still write about in books, that all of us dream of finding and spending time on!
    THEN CAME HEDRICKS! the new owners of Ramons, and the quaint island is now being turned into a mini vegas….or god i hate to say it….A mini replica of CANCUN! agghhh…just what we were all trying to get away from…… sorry to say i will not be sending any more people the way of the island….i will keep my pictures and memories well guarded in my heart, my computer and my brain……and when i want to go to the paradise of my dreams, where so many of my friends live, and meet every oct and feb…i will now have to close my eyes and rememebr how things USED TO BE………..

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