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International TV Show Films At San Pedro’s Chicken Drop

After dragging my tired butt off the boat from Chetumal, I stopped in Wahoo’s Lounge for a restorative cocktail.  I was drawn by the huge tent and the bright lights.  A TV show is currently filming in San Pedro (based on what I see on their Facebook page – they are staying at Victoria House and have already been to Hopkins).  It’s called Lux Lifestyles, is hosted by a woman named Cecile Raubenheimer and primarily airs in India.  (I hear there are quite a number of people over there…but MAN what a flight).

The show is about travel for the hip, young and elite.  I never would put the words lux, elite and Chicken Drop together.  But hey…it’s a good time.  I ordered a dark rum and cranberry, pretended it was a Cosmopolitan, that my flip flops were Manolos and sat back to observe.

The bar looked great.  Love the decorations.

Leo was interviewed, of course.  He is the unofficial ambassador of San Pedro.

The host is wearing white shorts.  To put it mildly, she is FULL of energy.  She was all over the place.  Meeting the band…
And doing some sort of crazy chicken dance…

One of my favorite dogs on the island…so mild mannered…just got a new golden retriever lion cut.  He was sulking.  A bit embarrassing with no pants at a bar.

And then Santa showed up.  I thought he was hired by Wahoo’s to liven up the filming but no…just a random beach Santa with candy canes for all.

How many times do I have to tell you guys?  There is always something crazy going on in San Pedro.

This is my second post today.  If you haven’t read about my trip to Chetumal, please check it out here:  Must Read: Chetumal

Did you know that if you want to visit Belize from Mumbai during Christmas week you can do it for $2200usd?   Continental/United.  Mumbai to Newark (16 hours DIRECT) + Newark to Belize City direct (5 hours).  That is not as bad as I thought.

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