September in Belize is THE Best: There is Still Time!

I have written about why I think you should be here for Independence Day, September 21st, in Belize before.  But I think visiting Belize in September is a decision your won’t regret.  I know that it is tough.  The kids are easing back into school, the weather is still summery so maybe you aren’t longing for a tropical location complete with white beach, hammock and pina colada YET.  But there are really lots of amazing reasons to visit San Pedro and the whole country of Belize in September.  It’s my favorite month.So let me see if I can talk you into a last minute trip.

Airfares and Lodging Prices are historically at the lowest of the year:

I just check prices for the third week of September.  $580 round-trip from the NYC area.  $536 from Calgary, Canada.   Everyone has their own search engine, I’m a big fan of  Just check…it can’t hurt to just check…

Here is the view on your flight over to Ambergris Caye.  (Flight over Caye Caulker on Tropic Air.)

All hotels in Belize will have “low season” rates.  If you don’t see them on your favorite hotel’s website, send them an email.   I bet you can even get a great deal on renting a golf cart…again, just ask.

Your excursions won’t be crowded

There are so many great trips to take when you visit the island.  Snorkeling to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, diving (of course), sailing to our sister island, Caye Caulker, cave tubing on the mainland.  Don’t worry that you will be jockeying for a spot on a crowded catamaran or getting kicked in the face by some rookie snorkeler at Shark Ray Alley, September is the month to get great deals and feel like excursions were sent out just for you.

We have all heard about the end of the Mayan calendar (and potentially the end of the world) on December 21, 2012.  September is a great time to front run the crowd.  Visit the temples and sites on the mainland, climb up the pyramid at Lamanai or take the hand pulled ferry over to Xunantunich and don’t worry one bit about a group of people ruining your photographs.  Also, don’t worry one bit about the “end of the world”.

Above is Altun Ha, the site featured on the Belikin beer bottle.

The town is decked out in red, white and blue
Almost every golf cart and taxi is flying a Belizean flag, all stores and residences are decorated in the country’s colors, music is blasting from random stores and Belize City looks like a party store exploded on the main street.  Patriotism is serious business for such a new country.

(Picture borrowed from this site.)

Take a listen to Ernestine Caballo’s 2011 Carnival Song which I think captures the mood perfectly.  I’m gonnna mash it up this year!   Her video is filmed at the HUGE 2011 Belize City parade (wonder if I can make it to two parades this year…)

And something is wrong with me chemically.  I can’t hear that song without tearing up.

The Miss San Pedro Competition
September celebrations kick off with the biggest hometown  beauty pageant on the island, Miss San Pedro.  15-16 year old girls compete in a nail biting, incredibly professional and competitive pageant that the town follows closely.  Even if you think you are not a big fan of this sort of thing (you switch the channel whenever “Toddlers & Tiaras” is on), Saturday, September 1st is one of those nights when it feels like the whole town is dressed and out.   You get that good small town fuzzy feeling.

And for all you night clubbers, the late night parties at Daddy Rock’s and Jaguar’s are rocking until early morning after the pageant.

There are events all month long
Patriotic events celebrating the country and the people of Belize take place all month long.  From the San Pedro Town Spelling Bee to a huge Belikin bash in Belize City with tons of Belizean artists to San Pedro dance shows and the big block party.  You could actually run yourself September celebration ragged.

Hang out with and get to know the Belizeans for a big month of partying
Without the large number of tourists and visitors, you will see mostly Belizeans out and about.  It’s the time when work slows down and everyone takes some time off.  At bars, at the beach with their kids, out fishing.  A country already known for being super friendly…this time of year?  EVERYONE will be happy to see you.  You might even run into Rasta Trevor here with a Belizean flag wrapped around his dreads.

It feels like a month of parades
September 21st is the big one, Independence Day.  But September 10th is also a patriotic national holiday in Belize, St. George’s Caye Day.   And there is a parade, a Uniform Parade…you can check out last year’s here:  2011 St. George’s Caye Parade, San Pedro.   Mostly the new Miss San Pedro, the town workers & police and grumpy school kids (who don’t love parading on their day off) but fun all the same.

And most importantly to me, INDEPENDENCE DAY and the Jump-Up Parade!

Music blasting, beer flowing, drums thumping, kids dancing, costumes, costumes and more costumes, the entire town parading, an amazing fireworks show.  I can’t say enough good things about this massive party.  Here are a few pictures from previous years…

Patriotic body builders…


So…just think about it.  A small bag filled with all of your red white and blue summer clothes.  You won’t need much.

If you’ve never been, you will fall in love with Belizeans…promise.

No pressure.

If you have any questions or concerns, as always, shoot me an email!

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