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2012: From Guanaja to A State Fair to Medellin…Good Times, Part One

This year has been pretty cool.  Taking a year to travel…to blab, to turn 39 (the joke age) and to look at Belize in a totally different way has been…well…awesome.  I am no writer, definitely no photographer but I would recommend writing a blog to everyone.  Looking for the beautiful, the interesting, the weird or funny in your world does actually make it better.  Who knew?Here are some of the awesome things that I saw and did in 2012.February:  This month is all about carnaval in San Pedro.  Painting and getting painted.   Which I did.  Reluctantly…

February:  I went to Belize City to see the Jade Head of Altun Ha.  It only comes out of the vaults every few years and it was well worth the trip.

March:  I met Prince Harry.  Okay…MET is a strong word.  But I stood right next to him and saw his sweaty armpits and his sweaty face.  I watched him do a shot of rum.  Good enough?

March:  I went to Lake Bacalar and camped on some of the prettiest beaches in the world.  Did you know that Bacalar is just across the border from Belize?   Freshwater that looks like this?  TOTALLY worth a visit.

April:   The Belize Agriculture Show in Belmopan.  GOOD TIMES.  Don’t listen when people tell you that it’s too hot or dusty.  It’s both those things…and also crazy fun.

May:  I flew on Tropic Air to San Pedro Sula…here’s a picture I took during the flight.

We travelled on the Honduran Coast and then to Roatan and Guanaja.   Guanaja should be on everyone’s list.  Gorgeous.

June is Lobsterfest in Belize…and I went to two.  San Pedro.  Where I got to judge the dishes and cocktails. I’ve rarely been that pleasantly full in my life.

And then Caye Caulker…which was so much fun.

Okay…that’s half the year….more tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “2012: From Guanaja to A State Fair to Medellin…Good Times, Part One

  1. Hippo

    What an amazing year! Throughout all your posts (you know you are my favorite Belizean Blogger) your enthusiasm and joie de vie are infectious. I’d love to go back there and one day I will.

    Photo #1:

    Those eyes! Gosh.


    Is that you all covered in paint standing next to that very small person? Are you on your knees or is he standing on a box? Take the advice of an old lush, darling, and go easier with the mascara next time…


    How the heck did they carve something so hard so intricately without steel tools? The head of Altun Ha is like the Crown Jewels for Belize, isn’t it?


    Gosh he looks hot. His face is as red as the crimson bunting behind him!


    Is he perspiring? How distasteful! I blame his Dad for banning all ozone unfriendly anti-perspirant sprays from the royal loos and wash houses.


    Yes, the water looks clear but how did all those enormous cow-pats get there? I never even knew they floated. Or is this Manatee pooh?


    ‘Hello San Pedro Sula Approach, this is Tropic Air 919 requesting vectors to thresh hold’

    ‘Hey Man! Dis is Sula approach, welcome to de island man! Just stick it on de tarmac’

    ‘Tropic Air 919, vectors please’

    ‘Wat! You don’t see de island? I been smoking shit an I can see you man and you just a tiddly airplane, how come you can’t see de island?

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