MELT Brings Some Seriously Delicious Comfort Food to San Pedro, Belize

Based on my possibly problematic addiction to the Food Network and the Travel Channel, it seems like that food-wise, the last few years have been all about fancifying classic American comfort food.  Over-the-top sliders, gourmet hot dogs, craft peanut butter sandwich boutiques, upscale sausage places (I think they are called charcuteries now…they are that fancy)…Well now the trend has moved to San Pedro and an “artisan grilled cheese shop” just opened at Exotic Caye Resort called MELT.   I stopped in on Friday for their “soft opening” and to try TONS of samples.  Let me tell you this…they are not serving the Kraft singles and white bread versions that my mom used to make.   These sandwiches are delicious.

I tried so many slices that I became a bit cheese delirious so let me focus and try to get the details right.

The inside and the back patio look totally cute.  Completely refurbished since it was Miss Sarah’s Kitchen and Monkey Bites before that…

They opened up this whole back room…

I sat down and had a cucumber water.  I’m guessing it is quite simple to make.  But who knew it was so good?

Their menu will include salads, soups, breakfast and then…the grilled cheese.

We tried Three Cheese with Tomato jam, we tried Swiss with Mushrooms & Carmelized Onions, we tried a super rich Blue Cheese Quesadilla, we tried Cheese with Grilled Veggies…

and the king of them all…the Turkey Holiday Melt.  Turkey, cranberry sauce, REAL stuffing and melted cheese.  Oh my.

Here is owner Linda serving the samples.  Her husband Glenn was very busy back in the kitchen.

Bottom line?  If you love good cheese (EXPENSIVE in Belize), thick bakery bread and butter?  You are really going to love this place.  And the kids are going to love it too.

And look at their logos…very cute.  I think this could turn into a serious t-shirt business.

How often do you see the word’s cheese, guerrilla and Belize in one place?

One note:  there was not a menu available yet when I was there, they did not fully open until Saturday.  So…I can not tell you what the prices are like.  If you have any feedback, as always, I’d love to hear it.

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