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Let’s Check in with the Major Lagoon Rejuvenation Project in San Pedro

While getting some work done at “The Office” earlier in the week, I got a good view of the lagoon side of San Pedro Town and realized that I haven’t walked back there in a while.  It looked like quite a bit has been built as part of the major San Pedro Sunset Boardwalk and Water Taxi terminal project.  Okay…it’s a bit hard to see from here…

IMG_3339-3Here is the area I’m talking about on a map…

Original borrowed from:
Original borrowed from:

It just took me about 15 minutes to do that hi-tech design work (pasting those arrows on those photos)…I hope they are appreciated.

Still not clear?  You are right…time to take a closer look.

For those who don’t know about this endeavor, it is a $5+ million project (yes, you read that right) to build a fisherman’s promenade and sunset boardwalk, a water taxi terminal and to overhaul the soccer field that has been in bad shape for years.  Here is a picture of the building plans posted at the site.


Very ambitious since there is very little there right now.  It is projected to take about a year and a half to complete.  Ground broke on June 26, 2012.

I thought I’d stop for brunch at the small food stand that has been opened on the building site for the workers.


6 breakfast tacos for $2bzd…I challenge you to find a cheaper tasty meal anywhere else.

IMG_3354_1024x768I sat down to eat and view the site.  The bricked sidewalks are almost completed as are huge cement blocks…I’m guessing part of a fence?

IMG_3356_1024x768 IMG_3357_1024x768

The area built out over the water and a new sea wall.IMG_3359_1024x768

And a look back over the project.IMG_3360_1024x768The area by the restaurant, The Sunset Grill, at the southern end of the site.


The new condos that having been going up there…for about 5 years…seem almost complete.  Atlantic Bank International has moved in on the bottom floor but the rest of the building is not yet occupied.IMG_3361_1024x768

There is still quite a bit more to do.  The sunset on Ambergris Caye is amazing…and a fairly underutilized resource.  There are only a handful of establishments where you can watch it set over the lagoon…

Take a look at this picture of the sunset from the Barrel Bar.


Let’s hope for the best with this project.


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