World Famous Artist, Michael De Feo, Leaves His Mark on San Pedro, Belize

I’ve only been back on the island for about a week but one of the first things that struck me while walking around San Pedro is this flower.  It seems to be painted, stuck or printed all over town.

Here it is on the cemetery wall…


And borrowed from Mr. De Feo’s Facebook page…by the sea…


De Feo 2 defeo

Sign from aliens?  Definitely not the usual San Pedro graffiti.

I mentioned it to a few people and heard the same story.  Some new church had posted and painted this around church.  Church?  That does graffiti?  Hmmm…

I put a picture on my SanPedroScoop facebook page…along with the uber-creepy dolls that some kids (or possibly an evil demon) had drawn beneath it and found another answer.

This artwork is famous…I mean super famous.   It appears all over the world.  In London…



In huge cities…widely exhibited in hip galleries and renowned museums…on the cover of New York magazine.  NEW YORK MAGAZINE!



His artwork is Reason #124 (out of 123) to love New York City.  His original huge flower, painted over 11 years ago, still stands on East 23rd Street.

How super cool is this?  Check out his facebook page…it appears that he was in San Pedro in April or so.  Eating at Estel’s and Café Cubao…traveling around town…I think staying at the Phoenix Resort.  When was he putting up this artwork?  At night?  During the day?  Does he have Belizean helpers do it?  Is it just for art’s sake?  Is he working on a book?  Did he have permission from the town?

Mr. De Feo.  I love it.  And would love to hear from you.  Hear from you, sir.

I’m ordering my stickers from your website right now.

And if anyone knows, I’d love to know how the church rumor was started!

And here is his response to some of my inquiry:

Hello Rebecca,

Thank you so much for writing and for your interest in my work. Feel free to use photos from my website provided you credit the photos in my name.

My fiance and I absolutely loved San Pedro. We were both in need of some rest and relaxation and San Pedro was the perfect place to go. We loved the people, the food and beach-side culture.

We used to have shirts with the flower on it years ago… not sure if and when we’ll do them again.

Thanks again,




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