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The Signs of Boca Del Rio, San Pedro

I love signs and I love taking pictures of signs.  Especially hand painted ones.  Here are some pics that I took in the Boca Del Rio area (between town and the bridge).

And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

There are about 5 different spellings of motorcycle at this shop.


I’ve only been in Compadres once but there were certainly no blonde bikini-ed ladies playing pool.IMG_2772

Lots of little delis to get food.  In NYC, a deli makes sandwiches, in Belize, it makes local food.   I guess that makes sense.IMG_2773

My favorite San Pedro tranny.IMG_2775 IMG_2776 IMG_2777

This place smells so good in the morning, it’s hard to keep walking on by.  Warm corn tortillas are delish.IMG_2778


The always awesome Barrel Bar.  A well deserving holder of the SanPedroScoop Shades of Excellence for Bars & Nightlife.IMG_2780

Highly recommended for the “local experience” and the amazing sunset view.  And who knew?  They have Wi-Fi.  This place constantly amazes.IMG_2781Wi-Fi DOES calm my thirst.


This lot has been set aside for a new, modern looking (for 1977) Belize Water Services building.  But the construction materials are now covered in vines…IMG_3081

Did Mike Brady design it?IMG_3082 IMG_3086

And then finally, my friends the pig children.IMG_3084Tonight is the big block party, 11pm ceremony and midnight fireworks in town.  Enjoy!



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8 thoughts on “The Signs of Boca Del Rio, San Pedro

      1. TarheelBornGal

        Except El Guapo only repaired bicycles then — not motorcycles (no matter how it was spelled!) Sign of the times, unfortunately.

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