HAPPY Independence Day Belize! Today The Country JUMPS UP!

Okay…so none of you are actually awake yet.  In fact, in Belize, September 20th is one of the biggest party nights of the year.  And in San Pedro?  That’s saying a lot.  We’ve got some BIG party nights.  Like Halloween and New Year’s Eve…and Easter weekend, the whole weekend…and August’s Costa Maya festival…the list goes on.

Now first open Belize’s Ernestine Caballo’s song and PLAY:  Carnival Is Here.

Last night kicked off (KICKED OFF) at 10pm with the Central Park block party, the 11pm Coast Guard 21 gun salute (which immediately has me humming the Green Day song) and the midnight HUGE fireworks display.

What was I doing?  Sleeping.  The fireworks did wake me for about 10 seconds.  Lame.  Yes I know.  No need to say it.

I did stop by earlier in the day to take some pictures of the set-up…and then again in the early evening around 8pm.  Here are my pictures.

After about a week of grey skies and rain, yesterday was gorgeous.


The stage was being set up.  Look at all that glitter!  I need to get up there later…IMG_3110

The town tents for the block party.IMG_3111 IMG_3112

A guy selling herbal remedy.  I don’t know about these…they might be an easier sale if they didn’t look like trucker bombs.   Thanks Amnin for introducing me to that completely unsavory term.  But you must admit…it totally fits here!IMG_3113


Here is the unnecessary photo pulled from somewhere on the internet.

3-26-trucker bomb

Plenty of FRESH beer and soda was being delivered…IMG_3115

On the way home from Crossfit, we stopped for a snack at Annie’s Pastries.  This is an extremely popular shop just north of town and only open from 3pm to 9pm.  Great spot to stop for some chicken dip or some coconut tarts…

IMG_3931 IMG_3932

Next stop…the Pupuseria on Middle Street.  MAN THESE THINGS ARE GOOD.  And $2.50bzd a piece…my favorites are Queso Solo and Pumpkin and Cheese.  Pupusa’s are masa/cornmeal pancakes stuffed with filling and grilled crisp on the griddle.

Pick one with the brown bits…the grilled toasted melted cheese…mmmmmmm….

IMG_3934Over to the block party.  It was much smaller than last year…

Caliente had a food booth.

IMG_3935 IMG_3936

And then some bars…IMG_3937 IMG_3939


The flag ready to be raised.IMG_3948

Let’s get on stage.  Glitter, glitter, I love glitter.
IMG_3944 IMG_3947 IMG_3951And today is what I’ve saved my energy for…the JUMP UP Parade.   Starting at 1pm-ISH, here is the route through and around town.

Parade routeI wore quite a bit of red, white and blue for last weekend’s carnival in Belize City…I THINK I can kick it up a notch.


I’m going to need some time to figure out these hair extensions and to apply my tattoos…TOTALLY AGE APPROPRIATE!






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