Preview of Zen Arcade: Wellness DOES Include Yoga, a Bit of Wine & Maybe Botox

The Wellness Center, Zen Arcade, has been in the planning and building stages for quite some time now.  But it’s not surprising.  The chosen building (located just around the bend from Island Supermarket and the Old Belikin Distributor just south of town) was an apartment complex…and needed to be totally gutted and totally re-done.

Here she is now.

IMG_8113Noele and Tara had a plan.  Both ladies have lived in San Pedro for a few years (at least).  Noele worked up at the beautiful Azul/Rojo Lounge and then was co-owner of the busy bar Wahoo’s Lounge (Home of the famous Chicken Drop) but all that time she loved, practised and taught yoga.

Tara is a fantastic yoga teacher who did great classes – they even had me going! – at Exotic Caye.  Here’s Tara (on the left) at her earlier gig.



SO they have yoga in common but one other huge thing.  BOTH had babies, two boys, just about a year ago.

These two smart moms united with an amazing idea.  A TOTAL WELLNESS CENTER.

Wait.  What?  I’ll be the first to admit.  When I first heard about it?  I had NO IDEA what that meant.  Maybe a bit of yoga but then what?  A pharmacy?

February 1st was the opening, though not the completion, and I went for the 11am Saturday BEGINNERS yoga.  Which takes place on a very zen open rooftop porch.  They even do a sunrise salutations class (for those who know what that means!)

My picture is not good but here it is…standing in the back doing my tree pose, I had a view over the tree tops to the sea.


I took a tour of the entire building.  It is coming along beautifully and I was able to get a feel for what a wellness center is.  It is:  a place where women are going to want to spend a ton of time.  Lounging, maybe doing a bit of yoga, laying by the pool on the back deck, sipping wine by the glass (not zen to drink out of the bottle), perhaps getting a massage or a pedicure, maybe getting a facial or a touch of botox (for slightly less than the US!)…a place to feel better.

I am SO onboard.

On the first floor, the beauty salon.  Hair and nails primarily.  It’s coming along for sure.


The next floor is the largest and contains the reception desk.


And then the Chaya Cafe (one of the areas I’m most excited about.)  A cafe (and small wine bar) in partnership with Rojo Lounge and Chef Jeff.  Healthy delicious food at a reasonable price point.  Can’t wait for that to open in a few weeks.


There is a kids’ play area.  You can drop your kids off for an hour or two while you zen out.  No they do not just lock the door, they will have someone doing classes, crafts, kids yoga, keeping them busy.

IMG_8116 IMG_8117There is also going to be an outside area complete with a castle for the kiddies.

The building has suites all over the place for all sorts of wellness practitioners.  Therapists, masseuses, perhaps a little botox, acupuncture…both people that work at Zen full time or just come in weekly or monthly.  I am SO LOVING THIS!

I’m feeling more weller already…

Along the side of this floor is a large balcony, another lounging area to be designed.

IMG_8124And the pool has recently been place in as the wooden back deck is designed.

IMG_8120Clearly not ready yet…but you can see the concept.  Outdoor showers and bathrooms.  In fact, this whole building is packed with bathrooms.  Seven or eight was as far as I counted.

I went to yoga.  And since I am as flexible as a two-by-four, it was challenging but just what I needed.  Both Tara and Noele are fantastic teachers and adjust the class to the beginners needs. I’ll definitely be back.


Aren’t you excited?  Not only a spa but a place to hang out, snack, and lay by the pool.  Chat with people that are in a good mood.  There is nothing NOT to like about that.

Gentlemen?  Kiss your wives and girlfriends good-bye.  We will be at the Zen Arcade.

I will mention one thing.  The building is fabulous and roomy and exactly the type of spot they need for this ambitious project but do not expect total silence.  The Arcade is located near the airstrip so you will hear the small planes taking off on the hour and dogs barking and…well…the noises of San Pedro.  I was totally over it in a few minutes.

I’m super impressed, and love how easy it is to support friends when they are doing something fab.   I’ll be back this week for more yoga and I can’t wait for things to come.  For updates on staff, appointments, photos and schedules, see the facebook page for Zen Arcade Belize.





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