Caye Caulker is THE SPOT on Friday Afternoons: Your Afternoon Guide

If you are going to pop over to Caye Caulker for just an afternoon…for a change of pace…

IMG_0067 IMG_8401

for a bit of a different scene…

Celebrate5 IMG_8138

or just for some good eats.  Like a bag of warm sugary donuts from Ice N Beans…


and you only have one afternoon, I think Friday is the day to do it.

In just a few hours, you can fit in lots of fun stuff that Caye Caulker has to offer.  So, let me give you my 4 hour Friday afternoon San Pedro to Caye Caulker Afternoon Trip Itinerary.  I’m going to need to find some way to shorten that tour title…and don’t worry.  I will get you back safely.

You can either hop on the 1130am or 1pm San Pedro Belize Express Water taxi boat from San Pedro to Caye Caulker.  The ride is about 20 minutes.  Sit on top if you can…and if you don’t mind a swift very salty hair-do destroying breeze.

IMG_6950Parked just off shore right now is this beautiful boat with some crazy hover lights that flicker around the bottom at night.  “Real Alarm” from Palm Beach, Florida.



We arrived in Caye Caulker and did a bit of walking around.  Time to explore.

The beautiful painting at Yuma’s Guesthouse/Hostel on the beach.


The pool at Seaside Cabanas.  The first on the island.  Now there are about 5?  Maybe more.IMG_0069

Probably my 25th picture of this sign on a tiny liquor store.

IMG_0072A newer place and a cute sign on the Oceanside Night Club which is currently closed!  An older gentleman outside told us it was taken back by the bank.  Who knows…

I don’t get this bubble tea phenomenon.  I do not want something with the consistency of an eyeball moving up my straw BUT to each his own.

I’ll say it again.  Cute sign.



Next on the itinerary, I suggest Syd’s Fried Chicken (info below).  THE BEST IN BELIZE.  It is Fry Chicken Friday after all…part of the reason I sent you over!   Head to the Middle Street for a big $9bzd plate of fried chicken, coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

This Friday I wanted to try something different.  My friend and I decided to try Ronnie’s Blues, Booze and BBQ.  I’ve heard very good things about it.


And I’ve seen the giant smoker…

IMG_7061Let’s eat.  It was late-ish for lunch and we sat outside for maximum breeze.  Very nice outside area…beautiful in fact.

IMG_0081I love that everyone in Caye Caulker, well almost everyone, got the memo.  Hand painted signs are more beautiful than big ugly pre-printed ones.

IMG_0078The view from our picnic table palapa.



The menu is HUGE and then there is an additional appetizer menu.


I started by asking what they have.  Often, when a menu is this big in Belize, only about half is available.  Our lovely waiter told us that today they are offering EVERYTHING.  Perfect.

Let’s eat.

I had the Pulled Pork Nachos (as suggested by lovely waiter) with a side of Mac and Cheese.  The nachos are delicious.  Jalapenos and sweet BBQ pork are one tasty combination.  The mac was not my favorite…a bit dry but then everyone has their own Mac N Cheese childhood memories/preferences.  My friend thought it was quite tasty.


We also ordered $3bzd side of cole slaw and THAT is a must.  One of the tastiest slaws I’ve had…sweet and creamy.   Delicious.

Lynn went for the smoked chicken salad with two buttery yummy warm rolls.  This stuff was tasty too.   Smoked chicken is the way to go in salad.IMG_0084

We finished up and headed down to the Split.  You just can’t go to Caye Caulker without climbing to the second floor of the Lazy Lizard and just relaxing in the breeze.  Or if you want to swim, this is your spot.

IMG_0091 IMG_0099

IMG_0095We headed back up to Ice N Beans (in the REMAX office).  Coffee, rum balls, donuts and…shaved iced.  I LOVE THE DONUTS and am still kicking myself for trying something different.  But a friend suggested I do.

IMG_0102Shaved ice.  They have a huge range of flavors from coconut to Dragons Blood.  I went for a medium sized, half cherry and half cola.

IMG_0104Ummmm…seriously?  This thing is HUGE and…I never thought these words would ever be typed by my fingers…TOO SWEET.  I should have known when I asked what the most popular flavor is.  Cotton candy.  This is a kids’ delight for sure and I FAR prefer my blood sugar to dangerously spike with sugar delivered on hot donuts rather than this “treat”.

Kids will LOVE it.  Adults – Get the donuts.  They are the best.  AND they are coming to SAN PEDRO!!!!!!!!!!!

Next up?  The Jam Session at the Barrier Reef Sports Bar.


Local musicians, tourists, anyone who wants to sing, play an instrument (from flute to cow bell) are TOTALLY welcome.  There is an amazing array of talent and the atmosphere is just really really good.



Dancing…drinking…eating…fun.  And the San Pedro Belize Express water taxi is right outside.  SO you can make a mad dash for it.  But don’t worry too much.  You have options.  There is a 4:45pm boat, a 5:15pm and a 6:15.  Miss that?  And you are in Caye Caulker for the night.  Things could be SO much worse.

So there you have it.  Water taxi -> Syd’s Fry Chicken -> The Split and Swim/Walk Around/Shop/Go to Art Galleries -> Hot Donuts at Ice N Beans -> Jam Session at Barrier Reef.

Many locations/stops/photo ops are listed below with details.

And, if you hop on the or 5:15pm water taxi?  You see a GORGEOUS sunset over the split at Caye Caulker.

Can you think of a better view on your way home?  Or a much better afternoon…





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