Snorkeling Mexico Rocks and My First Lobster of the Season At Casa Picasso

Yesterday was another gorgeous day.  Breezy (quite breezy) and just all out sun.  It was also day 4 of the San Pedro Lobsterfest.  Things to do for sure so let’s get moving.

My friends from Imagine Tours had friends from the states in town and we were all headed up to North Ambergris Caye for a bit of snorkeling and perhaps some lunch.  I packed my bag…


and applied some serious sunblock.  SPF 15 to 55, creams and sprays, all depending on the body part.  After a few years down here and countless idiot burns (you know the ones where you have a strip across your back or a hand print on your leg), I think I have the formula right.

The water was really churned up south of town but GORGEOUS and clear up north.


I’m not sure if it was windy or what…but during out drift snorkel we saw a TON of fish and rays.  Most of the time we were swimming amidst a cloud of Sergeant Major fish.  The little yellow and black striped guys that are every where down here.

This picture was taken by someone else in Jamaica but it’s pretty much what was going on down there.  My camera only works on dry land.

jamaica-snorklerHuge coral heads, fans waving lazily in the current, neon fish nibbling on it all.  Super pretty.

We decided to stop for a dip in the pool and a drink at Captain Morgan’s Resort.

IMG_6820 IMG_6822

Most of our boat got in the pool, played a bit of volleyball, had a few dirty bananas (some concoction that is popular down here with banana and cream, Kahlua and chocolate)…


Great when you have a small fun group that wants to stop and enjoy and just go with the flow…

Our boat crew was thankful for the lounge and tvs for the World Cup…


Next stop?  Palapa Bar…


Victor, our first mate, looking to throw out the line.IMG_6830Victor’s got dark skin and striking green-amber eyes.  So striking.  This picture is crap…but since I asked him if I could get in his face to take a picture, I thought I’d share.


In person, they are very much like that famous picture of the Afghan girl with blue eyes (that National Geographic Cover).  You know the one…

I’m guessing this photo won’t be featured in any magazines.  SIgh.

Oh yes.  Palapa Bar.  When we walked in, there was a handful of people…

Your eyes always need to adjust a bit when you first walk in.

palapa 2


(My older postcard and my brand new stickers – see if you can spot why these awesome vinyl stickers could be a collectors’ item.  Think upside down plane on a stamp…)


but over the next hour?  The place got PACKED.

The tubes filled up…

Palapa 1


a 60th birthday party came in…and she was still going strong at about 8pm when I spotted her at the Chicken drop.

IMG_6837I tucked into a serious filling burger and very tasty fries.


Fun times but time to get back home to do some work and then head to the delicious Casa Picasso for their Thursday tasting menu.  This Thursday?  Lobster.


Ummmm…huh?  Lobster ice cream?  But look at the rest of the menu. Lobster and butter and cheese and just creamy goodness.

The sliders, I think, are the best way to enjoy lobster.  Poaching it in butter just…well, it just does what it is supposed to do.

Mac N Cheese gloriousness.


And then the 2013 Lobsterfest Grand Champion Dish – the lobster cannoli.   A very upscale lobster roll with mango and just enough spice.  Yum.


The risotto was gorgeous.

The lobster ice cream?  Not bad but not my favorite.  The base was delicious.  And the chunk of homemade cashew brittle?  I could have eaten a table top sized slab of that stuff.  Let’s call the whole thing fun.

A GREAT way to kick off the lobster festivities.  And there is MORE.  The big block party is Saturday night…5pm.  I suggest getting there early so you can get some food, maybe a seat and enjoy Panerriffix.  They are so good.  Check them out at Placencia’s Lobsterfest last year

Very talented kids and adults.




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