The New Treatery Opens Next to Fuego Restaurant in San Ignacio: Let’s Try Them Both

Not long ago, I was in San Ignacio for just one night.  There was a TON going on in town…and on the Saturday afternoon, it was bustling with people.

There was a big concert.  Here was the banner at the entrance to Burns Avenue, now only a pedestrian rode.



Belikin beer was hosting the National Pool Championships at Hodes on the edge of town.  Cool lamps, right?

IMG_0949And it was Saturday market day.  An event you want to go to at least once.  Great stuff.

The police station…

IMG_0914The newish park/visitors center.  There are some new restaurants and shops…

IMG_0917Even a new bubble tea spot.


It’s a phenomenon that I’ll never understand.

This pictures is from the next morning (Sunday am) when the stormy looking clouds were rolling in.CayoAnd right behind the Welcome Center is Fuego Restaurant.



And now, right next door to Fuego, a new dream in pink candy-ness…The Treatery.

IMG_0920I stopped in here first because…well…they have two of my favorite things.  Sweets and coffee.


Roasting and grinding their own beans…


And then making tasty drinks in this super cute shop.



IMG_0926They have delicious muffins (I had a GORGEOUS huge moist chocolate muffin for breakfast the next day – open Sundays…LOVE THAT) with a latte.

IMG_1007I like to keep it light before getting on the bus…and i took some local candies to go.  Love the mix they have at Treatery…American/European style and Belizean sweets.

I got one piece of each of these treats to go.  Wangla…crackly sesame brittle.


Pepito brittle (with pumpkin seeds).


Or…if your teeth aren’t quite that sturdy.  Cuto brut.  Boiled coconut sweets.  I LOVE THIS STUFF.


What a beautiful spot for a birthday…or a baby shower…or…just eating sweets.

IMG_1010They even make coffee drinks in some classic Belize flavors.  Like tableta – a coconut sugar candy or horchata – a sweet rice drink.  Love the ideas…


BUT, it was lunch time so I headed next door to Fuego Restaurant.  Both spots have the same owners but Fuego has been open for…just over a year.  Treatery is new in the last few months…

Fuego was designed by the same guy who designed RumFish Y Vino, DragonFly Moon and Tiger Beach Club (check them all out below).  He’s got excellent taste, I think, and each spot looks different and amazing.

Fuego is more…hmmm…modern and simple.


The menu has simplified a bit since I was last there over a year ago.  They are still doing Belizean food with a innovative twist but not as daring & fun as some of the previous dishes.  Like pig tail wontons with coca cola pepper jelly or a dukunu platter.

Here are some of the new items…


The cocktail menu too has been simplified but they still ahve some very cool flavors.


IMG_0936I ordered 2 dishes since I couldn’t decide, I was hungry, they both sounded delish and I figured that I could bring a bit back to the hotel for a snack…

Ooey Gooey Chicken with cinnamon and cashew syrup.  $14bzd.

DELICIOUS.  If you crave chicken and waffles, you are going to love this.  Though it doesn’t come with it, ask for hot sauce.  It’s the perfect combo with the sweet wings.


And then Pork Belly Pizza with homemade tomato sauce, pineapple and pork belly.  $18bzd.

And this should have been…could have been amazing.


Pineapple and pork belly is such an amazing combination.  I love the vegetable mix.  The price is great, the crust was good.  But the pork belly wasn’t crispy…it was more thick and limp.  And the pizza was just undercooked.  Cold unmelted cheese in the corners.

Don’t get me wrong.  I ate it…I liked it…but it could have been special.

Next time, i’ll ask for it well done.  And I would like to try it again.

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