My Week in Belize on Instagram

I’ve quickly become a giant fan of Instagram.  And though it is probably SO 2009, I like that you can jazz up phone snapshot with different filters, look at almost anyone’s photos (just search on #Belize or #Peas or whatever your interest is) and you don’t have to fool around much with words.  Images…all images.

Apparently they were doing quite well without me…since Facebook bought them for $1billion bucks in 2012.  But that’s okay.

Here are probably too many from my week.

The big September celebration and San Pedro parade last weekend were follow by our only sunny day of the week.

The pool where I live at Royal Palm Villas.

photo 1The next morning…not so nice.

photo 2The flowers were loving it.

photo 3 photo 4I had a gorgeous sushi meal at Blue Water Grill – which has re-opened!  And promised to never do something silly like take vacation again.  Sushi on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

photo 5Beautiful weather but far from perfect.

photo 3Same on my morning water taxi ride over to Belize City for the Belikin brewery tour.

photo 2A warm johnny cake breakfast from Celi’s Deli.  Egg McMuffin has nothing on this…

photo 1Some pictures in the Belikin taproom.

photo 5 photo 1 photo 5The view and some delicious samosas on the way home.

photo 4 photo 2Back in San Pedro, Estel’s By the Sea, a favorite breakfast spot, remains closed.  Re-opening date is October 1st.

photo 3


Yesterday morning brought a bit more of the same.  Here is a big rain cloud coming in over the Boca Del Rio basketball court.

photo 1Something about weather like this that makes a huge rice, beans and stew chicken lunch taste even better…

photo 3Lunch at Briana’s Deli…and the view on Back Street, San Pedro as I walked home.

photo 4Slippers at Man-O-War Men’s Store.  How does every male in town have these shoes and they cost $200!!!!!!!  For flip flops!

photo 2


And some plastic animals for sale in Central Park.  I was kinda tempted by the toothy King Kong…

photo 5The sun is out today.  Which is perfect.  Four grey days in a row is my limit.

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