Snapshots Around Belize This Past Week or So

I post photos in a few places – on my blog for sure, on Facebook and then, the most casual “out and about during the day” photos on Instagram.

Instagram certainly has those who love it and those who don’t.  It’s packed with all sorts of filters that can turn even my most dull washed out photo into the City of Oz.   It makes it fun and artsy but doesn’t always present the real picture.

Just a different medium…and I love it.  Express yourself.  And honestly?  There are many people that I’d prefer do that in photos rather than words.

And so, for lack of a more serious topic today (like the upcoming election season or Thanksgiving in Belize), here are some snapshots that I’ve taken and posted on Instagram over the last week…or so.

A pretty sink at the Coconut Row Guesthouse in Hopkins.


The pretty pretty bar/restaurant at the Hopkins Bay Resort.


Sunrise in Hopkins on a very still morning.


Getting off the water taxi with Elsie the dog (and Jason and Carol Ann the people) – heading up to her new home at Rojo Beach Bar.


A sign at Cheers Restaurant a few miles from the Belize Zoo.  Left from the British army (BATSUB) guys.


A slice of lemon cake at Spoonaz Cafe in Belize City.


And the view from their huge new gorgeous deck right over the river.


The entrance mural to Majestic Alley in Belize City – one of the more notorious areas of the city.  Supposedly named for a theater that was there at one point.  I must look into that…


A dark dark morning on Ambergris Caye.


And then Sunday breakfast at Estel’s Dine by the Sea.  The usual please.



And some of their wall art.


And a cute Creole Belikin sign in town.


And a gorgeous Sunday afternoon at El Pescador Lodge and Resort.


Watching a fishing/casting tournament…


I ate molten chocolate cake at Casa Picasso.


And a morning johnny cake from Celi’s after bird watching.

IMG_0333 A show stopper of a morning…

IMG_0340IMG_0332And to close it out…some SUPER cute children from the Holy Cross School celebrating culture and Garifuna Settlement Day.

IMG_0337 IMG_0338


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