Stunning Developments, The Arctic Blast in Belize and GREAT Times at the San Pedro Tiger Sharks Game

I’m going to start this newsletter of sorts with the great news!  While much of the world…particularly the Eastern US and Canada seem to be getting molested by bitter bitter cold weather, we too have been experiencing the cold front.


But yesterday it manifested itself in the form of a gorgeous low humidity, mid 70s day with a cooling breeze from the north.  Perfection.  Here are some pictures I took around Miles 4.5 and 5, Ambergris Caye.

IMG_7850The pretty pastel cabanas of Mata Chica Resort.  Please keep this sort of tasteful and Belize-appropriate resort in mind for my next topic in this post.

The view from their restaurant entrance.IMG_7855

Golden coconuts.IMG_7859 IMG_7862 IMG_7865

A gorgeous afternoon that ended just as beautifully.



In no way am I THE arbiter of taste in San Pedro or Belize, though from what I am about to show you, I think that is a position we NEED to make an official job.  Someone independent that can veto horribly ugly, misplaced, misconceived, just stunning (and not in a good way) developments that are planned or currently going up on our island.  Maybe just affirm that “yes – that is a giant eyesore and a blight on the island we all love”.

Norwegian Cruise Lines with its development/destruction of Harvest Caye – off of Placencia – is making a sort of “Southern Belize/Garifuna World”…what next?


Belize Disney?  Snorkel World – why snorkel the reef when you can do it in the safety & comfort of our own pool?  Some singing gondeliers to welcome you like at Vegas’ Venetian Resort?

Oh wait…we are already getting that.

This resort, currently under construction, just put a new sign on the road (maybe 3 miles north)…Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man?  Wow.  Does that say Belize!


And then…AND THEN…right across the street is this sign.  When you think that you can not be shocked…

free beer

Are those giant ships in the picture?  Are they trying to snag me with the promise of a free $5bzd beer?  I immediately went home to find the website and it is far crazier, far worse than I could have imagined.

And slated to start NEXT YEAR just north of Belizean Shores – a tasteful “sister resort” in the Sandy Points Family.   Here is an excerpt from the webpage…it is SO worth taking a look at.

“Isla Tesoro is going to provide 2 inhabitable pirate ships and a themed pirate village, Rummage Island that will provide couples and families a place to relax on the beach under the sun while also providing a place to experience adventure and fun at this pirate themed resort.”

Makes this lassie want t’ cry.  (Thank goodness for the English to Pirate translator, we might all need it in the near future to order a grog or…whatever.)  Shiver me timbers.

Okay, I’ll stop.  Back to some good news…


Last night’s Elite Basketball league game at the San Pedro High School was CRAZY FUN.  To REALLY get in the correct mood, play the theme song.  We da cum fi da win!

Our team won last year’s season – and we are back looking for the next title.  The games are fast, aggressive, so fun…this year, there is a new addition to the event.  Katy Perry would be SO proud.  Three shark suits.


Our guys.tiger sharks

And the Belize City team.


The game gets so rough and so emotional.  In the second half, we were down by about 12 and it became a mix of WWE and basketball.  One foul called for every 30 made.

James Milton, the new player on contract from the US, is REALLY good and the always aggressive Williams brothers (3 of them from San Pedro) are so fun to watch – they put their whole hearts into it.

These teams must all be EXHAUSTED.  San Pedro came back fast and furious for the win.

Particularly exhausted this morning was the first shark mascot who got in his costume after having a few too many beers.  He was dancing…but in what looked like slow motion.


He was moving really slowly and clutching the giant head.


As soon as he got to the sidelines…he slumped to the floor.  Oh my…

Some of the players carried him out back to strip the costume off and…ultimately to send him home.

Trust me, I know…it’s not easy being a fuzzy mascot in Belize.



I will get the schedule for you (and me)…the entire town should be at these games.

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