Steve Aoki: The World’s BIGGEST DJ Parties on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Steve Aoki is HUGE in the music world.  Arguably the most famous DJ, he has spent the last 5 years relentlessly touring colleges…and then larger venues – up to 250 shows a year.

steve aoki

He has been nominated for a Grammy, he now plays to crowds in the 100s of thousands and he is a wicked performance artist.  Constantly pushing the envelope with his acrobatics and antics…

Steve-Aoki-Live-Stage-Dive super artsy pictures on instagram and Twitter to his HUGE followings,  throwing cake at his massive crowds and some crazy stunts…


AND LAST NIGHT HE WAS AT ROJO BEACH BAR ON AMBERGRIS CAYE!   I mean…where else would the coolest man on earth hang out when in Belize?   Casually dressed and shy…

And after being hesitantly identified by bar staff, Steve Aoki posed for pictures with his friends and with some of his fans.

Who played his music…



And toasted the world famous star.

steve aokiCrazy exciting…but here is the catch.

Steve Aoki was ALSO playing a sold out show in Norfolk, Virginia.

sold outWhich, if you check Aoki’s Twitter and Instagram fans was f*cking AMAZING.  No one mentioning that Steve wasn’t there…in Norfolk, Virginia…playing to a sold out crowd.

Here he is last night at that show.


BUT…that doesn’t mean Steve Aoki, the REAL Steve Aoki wasn’t here!  He has been known to prank people with a look-alike (our guy looks SO much better than that…) and well…maybe he needed a break.  His tour looks RELENTLESS.  Perhaps that look-alike was DJing in Virginia?

Either way…the guy at Rojo last night looked TOTALLY legit and if you see him around San Pedro over the next few days?  Say hi to Steve and take a picture and send it to me!   I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT!

Or maybe he’s flown back to the States already for tonight’s show.  His last Instagram post looks like this…posted at about 1am last night.


Flying home from Belize, Steve?

This looks TOTALLY like Philip Goldson Airport in Belize City!


This blogger’s totally on to you.

Oh yes…and I spoke to San Pedro’s most famous bar manager this morning – Finn Kardashian of Rojo.  He says come back down, Steve or Faux-Steve.  Either way…he’d be glad to buy you a cocktail.



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