The Perfect Summer Snack: Paletas In San Pedro (Or: WOOHOO!!!!)

Ever since I first tasted paletas in Merida, Mexico about 8 years ago…


…and then many more in Valladolid, Mexico

paleta valladolid…and then even more on Isla Mujeres

paleta isla mujeres

I’ve been hooked on these things.  Or at least ready to buy as many as possible when I get to Mexico.

Fresh fruit bars.  Either en agua (in water or just fruit juice) or en leche…with some milk or yogurt added.  They are a refreshing delicious low cost dessert sold from carts and shops all over Latin America.


And just this week, I got a tip…A TIP…on paletas being sold in San Pedro.  It’s fruit season…they seem so easy to make…and there are some AMAZING recipes – entire “cook” books for paletas…Key Lime Pie paletas…but I couldn’t find them here on the island.

A simple fresh watermelon or pineapple or coconut on a hot day is a thing of beauty.

No one (that I know of) was making them until now!

San Pedrano Store.  Also the home of the 50 cent (BZD!) delicious peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies…the jar is right there on the counter!   It’s your spot.

On the east side of Front Street just before the last turn.  Behind it on the beach are Cholo’s Sports Bar and Lily’s Restaurant.


$1bzd.  2 yummy cookies.  Great snack to keep you energized.


But feeling a bit more flush with cash?  And it’s a hot day?  Looking for something healthy.

BAM!  Just delicious sweet watermelon on a stick.  $2bzd.



Regina (also the lovely cookie baker) just started making them this week.

Or TONS of fresh coconut…icy cold.  And dripping like crazy all over you.  No time to say hi to anyone…keep licking!


Perfect snack as you wait for the water taxi up north.


And exactly like you see them in Mexico.  And I will try them all.  All but craboo. I really can’t even smell that fruit.  Crab-EWWWW.


Word on the street is that the strawberry and the strawberry cream pops are heaven.  I just heard about this!  I can’t do all the research myself.  GO TRY THESE!

And if you really want to get your mouth watering, take a look at this paleta shop in New Zealand.  YES NEW ZEALAND!   Some of the photos are just…sigh.

Click on “Our Paletas” and just moon over the flavors.  Wow.

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