Correspondent Fin K. Does The Costa Maya Festival in Style

I sent out our night-time correspondent – “the fun one” – to party until dawn and then rise the next day and do it all over again.  Last weekend was Costa Maya Weekend – one of the biggest party weekends in San Pedro.

Fin does the Costa Maya in style.  And by style?  I mean one crazy shiny pink shirt.

If I had to rank party weekends –> 1.  Easter Weekend  2. Costa Maya Weekend 3. New Year’s Eve 4. Halloween

I had taken the boring set-up photos…


…and Fin was out to experience it.

Here , at the Rain Restaurant upper deck…


Now for many of the party-goers, the activities take place outside the actual festival.  The night clubs, the bars, the beach…all are packed with people who are just in town for a weekend of drinking and dancing.

Here is a bit of Insta-Fin.   Preparing for a big Saturday night out with Miss Costa Maya 2014…in pink and 2015, Miss Honduras, now Costa Maya, in yellow.

Why attend the pageant when you can party with the girls?


And as everyone knows, drinking tequila helps you lose weight!

With VIP passes, they headed to Fido’s big event.



The view of the Costa Maya from The Office Bar just across the lagoon.fin13And a quick stop-in at the Holiday Hotel to check in on the Tres Pescados Slam flyfishing awards ceremony.

fin12And then off to Fido’s…

fin3 fin4 fin5

Sunday was a full day of beach parties.  At Wayo’s…and at Sandbar…and all along the playa.

fin6 fin7 fin8 fin9 fin10 fin11


fin15 fin16

Fin is only in San Pedro for two more weeks…or less!  And then he is off.  To backpack South East Asia.  (Let’s all pause here to marinate in our jealousy…)

But he PROMISES a full report…blogging on location…some excitement as San Pedro goes through the “low season”.

finkDon’t let you fans down Finn 🙂




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