Halloween in San Pedro, Belize, 2015: It’s Not to Be Missed, Part Two

So many pictures of one of the biggest holidays in San Pedro and so. little. time.  Halloween is historically an American holiday – but a party that allows people to dress up, eat candy, get creative and sexy and party?  It’s embraced everywhere.  Especially Ambergris Caye.

Beautiful Lisa from the Holiday Hotel.


ESPECIALLY SAN PEDRO.  Here are more pictures from the Holiday Hotel.  (Check out Part One.) The big party on the island…

Nice!  The crew from the Tres Cocos neighborhood with a message!  Trash goes in the can!!!!  Which reminds me…their montly First Friday trash pick-up is this week.  Check my calendar!

5D3_2794 5D3_2795 5D3_2799

Jackie and Adam of Casa Picasso as Flock of Seagulls.  Their Grand Re-Opening Party is tonight!5D3_2800

The crew from our town newspaper, the San Pedro Sun.5D3_2801

Love these.5D3_2802 5D3_2803

5D3_2805 5D3_2810 5D3_2813 5D3_2815 5D3_2816 5D3_2817

5D3_2819 5D3_2820 5D3_2823

And Kristian, Marisa, Ricky and Jessie as dominoes….super cute.5D3_2828

Doing their thing for the judges…


5D3_2840 5D3_2841 5D3_2842

Amy from Wild Mango’s getting strangled by her hubbie Chuck, of Chuck and Robbie’s Dive shop.5D3_2845 5D3_2847 5D3_2850 5D3_2855

Is it to early to start planning your trip for next year…no.   Here is a simple check list for you.

  • Do I like Halloween?
  • Do I like Halloween and being able to wear my costume outside without a winter coat over it?
  • Do I like Halloween, being able to wear my costume outside with a winter coat over it and the beach?

You get the picture.

And thank you AGAIN Steve of Lola’s Pub for being my sleep savior and taking these AMAZING photos.

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