Beautiful Weather From Sunrise to Sunset: December in Belize

Oh goodness, yesterday was a gem.  Sure…we could have used a bit more of a breeze…but the clouds, the sun, the crystal clear, flat, sargasso-less sea…it was all pretty stunning.  Here are some pictures.  And if I had to guess, today is going to be much of the same.


Low 80s, great visibility if you are diving…or just driving about on the golf cart.

We drove north from the area of Mata Grande Grocery Store to just north of Xtan Ha Resort.  (About mile 4 to mile 7.)

The view from the road over the lagoon – just behind Mata Chica Resort.


And the road turns to MUSH around Canary Cove, Mile 6.  You must loop around towards the beach – and the new Costa Blu Resort (formerly Costa Maya Resort).  Crews are working feverishly for the opening.

With the wind coming from the north-west, the sea is flat.


And then the view from a house being built just north of Xtan Ha.  Gorgeousness.


And the walk to the sea.


So so so so pretty.


And then just a few hours later…just before 5:30…this over the lagoon.

My view on the road to Grand Belizean Estates (about 4 miles north and heading west on Ambergris Caye.)


Kainie Manuel’s view by St. George’s Caye as she crews on a catamaran.  You can follow her on Instagram for more beautiful shots in the Belize cayes.


And today…a beautiful start.  Here’s a photo by Josh of Hurricane’s Bar…sigh.


Have a great day.

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