Last Week in Belize: From Gorgeous Sunshine to a Belizean “Cold” Front

Last week started absolutely gorgeously…and really didn’t shift until Friday and Saturday…and then, we who live here, rejoiced.  Christmas weather!  Day time temperatures in the low 80s…a chill at night!

Here’s a look at my week which started off with a 300 foot drop into a sinkhole and ended with some good old fashion nesting weather.  Grey and cool.  I’ve sprinkled in some gorgeous photos from Instagram from here and around the country…

Indira Craig from Channel 7 News Belize making the Black Hole Drop look like a fashion shoot!  Why was I soaked in sweat and mud?  Huh?


12122629_1231434803550278_3233477983595069714_n IMG_5400

And the gorgeous weather continued…

One beautiful Caye Caulker.



For a charter flight over the Blue Hole.  Sigh…IMG_5420

Over the cane fields of Orange Walk…


And right here on Ambergris Caye.IMG_5437

And under the water at Hol Chan Marine Reserve.


Or permit fishing with Tres Pescados off Ambergris Caye.  HOLY FISH!


Christmas is here!  And the announcement of the re-activation of the Lighted Boat Parade MAY have been the best part.


A photo from last year’s line-up.


And a few years ago…

Boat Parade 021

Blue Water Grill decorated their golf cart.  Super cute.


And the tree going up…


And then HURRAY!  The lighting on Saturday night.


And the Tropic Air building (here) and all of the banks are an explosion of Christmas sparkle.


Boxes of apples and pears arrive – a Christimas tradition here.  In the states, it was the exotic…like oranges.  Down here, the exotic is foreign apples.


I took a bunch of photos of signs around town.  Some businesses that have been closed for a while…

IMG_5484 IMG_5485

And some newer ones.

Belizean Melody’s Art Shop…she means business!


Our tv and radio station in San Pedro.IMG_5500

And the beautiful menu at Estel’s Dine by the Sea.


And one from Caye Caulker that I always enjoy.


As someone pointed out, it does look a bit like the plane is urinating on the car.

And at the end of the week, the wind changed and the weather started to cool.


IMG_5499 IMG_5445

We had some bouts of rain…mostly at night.12298799_109487166089067_1359253514_n IMG_5507

Beautiful I say…


There is still time to get down here for the boat parade!  No pressure…but a bit of sun and holiday spirit…it couldn’t hurt….right?

Have a great week y’all.


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