The Best of My Week and Others’ In Belize PLUS INDIA! You Are Killing ME!

Merry Christmas and now…Happy New Year.  Today is the very last day of 2015 but I’m just recapping the last week or so.  A week that has been about The Holidays, INDIA and the wind.  My three word summary for the last week of 2015.


I’m going to start with India since it’s what is currently tormenting me.  In brief, it is an amazing blogging trip adventure, with room for 25-30 bloggers from all over the world, that is judged by voting and by blog and social media worthiness.  I am currently in 4th place for the voting.

Yesterday (thinking the voting end date was Dec 31st) I was featured in BELIZE BREAKING NEWS!  An article about why it makes sense to send a Belize blogger to India.  Now they have extended this (madness) until January 3rd.  Sigh…

You can still vote for me…send me there to bring Fin K. back some diamonds.  VOTE HERE!


Now let’s get to Christmas…and then the weather both under and ova the sea.  But quickly…let me show you this photo taken on one of the smaller southern cayes.  A house (?) built of conch shells…AMAZING.  I need more information!


Love this sign down south.


And the massive Santa’s Wish Drive done in San Pedro – 176 wishes filled for kids who may not have had them…


The boat parade was a RIDICULOUS success.


My Christmas was a quiet one.  WHICH I LOVE.


One fly shop in Arizona speculated that when Santa was finished delivering ALL the presents…he came to Belize to fish for tarpon.  Super cute.


Some breakfasted with the traditional Belizean Black Cake.  I think it’s about 25% rum?

black cake

A Christmas full moon was certainly a treat.

IMG_5831  Ivanka Trump, THE DONALD’s daughter, chose Cayo Espanto (off Ambergris Caye) and yoga.


And the WINDS!  Oh the winds…the sea was churned up and there were small craft advisories.  GREAT for pooling…


Or sailing or just enjoying the view…


On the mainland, it wasn’t such a worry.  I love this photo.  It is as much about life in Belize as ANY of the snorkeling or reef ones are.



Some got lucky with the weather.  REALLY lucky!



Sigh…an eagle ray.  One of the most graceful underwater creatures.


Some took shelter on the leeward side of the cayes….and found a sandbar to part on.


And then just some random photos…of breakfast at Estel’s…with ribs.


A creepy little caterpillar inching across a building site.


Gorgeous ceviche at Lily’s Treasure Chest.


A lunch sign on one of the side streets.


And one RIDICULOUSLY oversized sign being erected just south of town at Exotic Caye Resort.

Before…you can see the guy’s head for perspective.


Let’s make sure we can see it from space.

And after…


No comment.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!  I’ll see you on the flip side 😉   If there is anyone going out tonight – all night – and wants to guest post…PLEASE let me know.  But not after 10pm…I’ll probably be sleeping 🙂

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